Music Diggin' Friday

Music Diggin’ Friday: May 25th

Since we already have Music Monday courtesy to Drew at The Tattooed Book Geek, I hereby declare, that Music Diggin’ Friday is a thing from now on.

Seems like we had a slow week, only a few things to report. Boo. Hopefully we’ll have a better week next. Hell knows I need a better week to have *sigh* If I’m lucky and tomorrow night won’t be raining I plan to attend an openair concert of my favorite Hungarian band *fingers crossed* I need that to lift up my spirits. Until then here is this week’s haul:

Albums released

Push Pull by Hoobastank

Okay, I haven’t listened to this album yet. Until this very moment I didn’t even know they released a new album. Hell, I didn’t even know they are still active O.o I remember liking them back in the early 2000’s. I loved their song The Reason with thousands of other fan girls I guess. That song still reminds me of someone I don’t want to remember to, ugh. Anyway, they bring me back to my teenage years, and altough I drifted away from this kind of bands, it’s still kind of nostalgic to listen to them. And the song below is not so bad, so I think I’ll give a listen to the whole album.


Sexorcism by Lordi

Okay, for those who follow these posts I don’t have to introduce this crazy Finnish band. Just look at them. I know it’s not their new album, actually it’s the first song I ever heard from them, but I freaking love this one, so I’m going to put Hardrock Halleluja here, sorry.


New singles/videos

Running from My Shadow by Mike Shinoda

Mr Shinoda keeps releasing songs from his upcoming album sheduled to come out in June, titled Post-Traumatic.


Have a rockin’ friday and weekend ya’ll! 🙂

Timy, also known as Queen Terrible Timy hails from a magical land called Hungary, born and raised in its capital city, Budapest. Books have been her refuge and best friends ever since she can remember along with music. She might be a tiny bit addicted to the latter. Timy is the owner and editor of Queen's Book Asylum. In her free time (hah!) she likes to create things, collect panda stuff, go to concerts, travel, and take the literary world one book at a time.

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