Music Diggin' Friday

Music Diggin’ Friday: June 22nd

Since we already have Music Monday courtesy to Drew at The Tattooed Book Geek, I hereby declare, that Music Diggin’ Friday is a thing from now on.

This had been a long but interesting week. I started it off with an interview with Barry Kerch, Shinedown’s drummer, followed by Shinedown’s concert. I’m still under the spell, I kept listening to Shinedown the whole week. Until today, when I went through this week’s new releases. We have some interesting ones this week, and some surprises.

Albums released

Catacombs by Like A Storm

Oddly enough, I have Like A Storm albums stored on my hard drive, but I always forget they are there. Every once in a while when I go through my contents I get a look at them, and then decide to keep them, although I never listen to them. Don’t ask why. No idea. Apparently they are still active and just released a new album titled Catacombs. I randomly picked The Devil Inside, since youtube gave me this as the first option, so here you go.

The Sea Within by The Sea Within

I just found this band, and honestly, I don’t know where to put them. The first song I checked out was Goodbye, but that wasn’t really all that convincing, so I gave a listen to another song, which got my attention more. This was Ashes of Dawn. I’m not sure if I like this band or not, but thought I’ll show you so you might find them interesting.


New singles/videos

Summer Is A Curse by The Faim

This week’s black horse. I heard Summer Is A Curse while listening to a spotify song list and I got hooked. Seems like these guys have been around for a while now, but so far there are only 3 songs released officially – or at least that’s how many their spotify and google play pages show anyway. I really do hope they’ll release a full length album soon. Like right now. Until then I have to settle with this one.

Black Vultures by Halestorm

1 more month to go until Halestorm finally releases their new album Vicious. Until then we’ve got a second single titled Black Vultures. At first listen I can’t decide how to feel about it. It’s not bad, but not as heavy as Uncomfortable. Can’t see where this album is headed, but I’m still looking forward to it.

Dead and Gone by The Dead Daisies

The Dead Daisies released their 4th studio album Burn It Down back in April. A new single, Dead and Gone came out with an official vid, which can be seen below.

Burn One Turn One by Stone Sour

Stone Sour just announced that they’ll release a deluxe edition of their last album Hydrograd with B-side rarities, covers, acustics, live recordings this August. The first song is already came out, titled Burn One Turn One.

Have a rockin’ friday and weekend ya’ll! 🙂