Music Diggin' Friday

Music Diggin’ Friday: June 29th

Since we already have Music Monday courtesy to Drew at The Tattooed Book Geek, I hereby declare, that Music Diggin’ Friday is a thing from now on.

I had a half good, half not so good week myself, so I definitely needed some good music. This week’s haul is not so strong though. Seems like summer vacation reached the music industry finally. Everyone’s out having fun on festivals and tours. Lucky bastards. Anyway, let’s see what we have:

Albums released

Gravity by Bullet for My Valentine

I included this album for the greater good. Personally I don’t think they are anything special, but hey, I won’t judge. Gravity is the band’s 6th studio album. I picked the title song because, well, because this came up first.


Mask by Code Red Riot

Today’s dark horse. I found them while checking the list of new releases, and they seemed interesting. I’ll add them to the list of bands I should check out. Apparently Mask is their debut album, so I’m right on time.



New singles/videos

Deep End by Daughtry

I’ve been keeping an eye on this guy for a while now, and I like to put on his albums from time to time. I like his voice. His new album Cage to Rattle comes out on July 27th. Deep End will be featured on it and a lyrics video just came out a few days ago.

Have a rockin’ friday and weekend ya’ll! 🙂