Music Diggin' Friday

Music Diggin’ Friday: July 27th

Since we already have Music Monday courtesy to Drew at The Tattooed Book Geek, I hereby declare, that Music Diggin’ Friday is a thing from now on.

This was an exciting week. I had some health issues, but I’m getting better. More importantly: I’ll be attending BristolCon this October! I’m so freaking excited, and don’t want to wait 3 months *pout* Fortunately there are music and books to keep me busy until then. Let’s see what this week brought to us.

Albums released

Vicious by Halestorm

The long wait is over, and the new Halestorm album is finally here! At first listen I found it a bit disappointing, I hoped they’ll follow musically the Into The Wild Life album, which was their best in my opinion. There was maybe 1 or 2 songs that stood out to me but I’m not hooked. I might have  to give it some time to sink in. Anyway, I choose Heart of Novocaine from the album, which is a slower song, but one that catched my interest in the first moment.

Cage to Rattle by Daughtry

It’s been a few years since I’m listening to Daughtry. Their music is somewhere on the line between rock and pop. I like Chris’ voice and their music is quite catchy so it’s nice to lift your mood up a bit during a day. The new album fits into this line, it’s catchy, upbeat, and a good background music for a boring workday. I’ll definitely put it up a few more times in the future. I picked Deep End, the first single released from Cage to Rattle.

For the Love of Metal by Dee Snider

I don’t think I have to introduce Dee Snider for metal fans. I think like me, most people know him from Twisted Sister. The veteran singer, songwriter today released his 4th solo album. I haven’t listened to the album yet, so I can’t form an opinion. For that reason I picked the first song which came up on youtube, titled I Am The Hurricane.


The Ghost Note Symphonies, Vol. 1 by Rise Against

To be honest, I’m not familiar with Rise Against‘s music, but I reckon a lot of you are, so here they are. The American punk-rock band released a new album featuring instrumental, re-instrumented versions of their songs if I understand it right. I guess for die hard Rise Against fans it’s a must hear. I picked Miracle because it sounded nice.



New singles/videos

Burn Me Out by Fozzy

Fozzy released a new song from their last album Judas which was released last year. I liked their song Judas, but this song is a bit… meh. Anyway, give it a listen and make your own judgement! I am probably just too damn tired at this point to enjoy it properly.

Have a rockin’ friday and weekend ya’ll! 🙂