Sneak Peek

What’s to come? – September sneak peek

I like September. The weather cools to a bearable degree, I can get out my leather jacket and boots. Yay! Also, we are getting closer to BristolCon, only 1,5 months away now! SPFBO continues, the semi-finalists are getting announced slowly and things are getting interesting. Also, my blog will be six months old! Can you believe that? So let’s see what I have in store for you this month:

Giveaway! – or Asylum Library Clearance

You might have seen this, but I’m hosting my first ever giveaway to celebrate an awesome August and the sixth month mile of my blogging life. I promise I won’t celebrate every half year, but it’s my first, so shut up 😛

Benedict Patrick, C.T. Phipps and Ulff Lehmann were kind enough to provide books for your reading pleasures and I add a surprise gift too to the mix. 3 winners will be announced on September 17th. How you can enter? Visit the link below!

Books I plan to read in September

Books I plan to review in addition to the ones above

Other bookish plans

Interview and Author Spotlight

My SPFBO interviews and guest posts will continue, I’ll introduce a few more of our group. Stay tuned people, some great stuff is coming!

Albums I’m looking forward to get my hands on

  • September 7th: Summer is a Curse EP by The Faim
  • September 14th: Palms by Thrice

Other plans

Well, um, I don’t really have any other plans. Maybe a few surprises here or there will come your way, but this is going to be a calm, work loaded month. No fun planned for me 🙁 Maybe I’ll try to get out on the weekends though. I still haven’t visited the Murder exhibition. Now that the weather is nice again, I might get my ass out more. Maybe.

Well, I think that’s it. Follow me if you like either on twitter, facebook, or instagram (I don’t have much conent on that platform yet)!