Music Monday

Music Monday: Summer Gone by AWS

Music Monday is a meme that was created by Drew from The Tattooed Book Geek. You pick a song and/or video and share it on Monday.

Thoughts and other ramblings

I’m not gonna lie, there is only one Hungarian band I listen to regularly. Maybe two if I take into account an old favorite of mine, but I only listen to their old songs, because their new stuff sucks. Anyway, AWS is not one of these two bands. I think I’ve seen them maybe once because they were the warm up band for my favorite band, but they didn’t impress me. Then they released this song, which ended up being our Eurovision song this year. The Hungarian version. Which is much better than the English one (obviously). I happened to catch this on TV yesterday, and it got back into my head… so, here you go, get an earworm yourselves!


Let’s lay our cards on the table:
My vessel’s headed outbound
And it will leave you drowned

My blood is running in your veins
Never trade it away, there’s a mark on your heart
That lifts you up from the ground

Summer gone, you’re all too late
That you’ll be mine was just a lie
You never came.

Dreams all gone, thanks for fading away!
It’s about time that you repay
All you chose to take

I’m so washed out now and weary
You’re still holding on,
But, please, let go of me

You can tear off your fair share of me,
Never trade it away, there’s a mark on your heart
That lifts up from the ground