Advent Book Calendar

Advent Book Calendar – Day 8

This year I’m going to host an Advent Book Calendar event, where Jen and me are going to pick one book every day until December 24th. Books we’ve read this year, and tell you why you should pick it up. You can check our progress in the Advent Book Calendar 2018 introduction post, where you can “open” the windows every day and find out what we have for your reading pleasure!

My pick for day 8 is Sorcerous Rivalry by Kayleigh Nicol. Another book that came on my radar via TBRinder. Reshi, Kestrel, and Kila, stole my heart, making this book a simple choice for the calendar.

This story follows Reshi, one of the seven mage-born siblings as he hopes to enlist help from his brothers and sisters while fleeing from Kestrel, a Mage Hunter. Things go from bad to worse and Reshi is forced to find allies in unlikely places.

Sorcerous Rivalry was one of the most entertaining books I have read this year. The characters are endearing, the magic cool, and the story is just fun as hell. There is a smattering of romance (lgbt) though very tame in content (think those skinny Harlequins level of romance) It’s also a duology and is complete as of now. Look for Mistress Mage to finish off this fun series.

Even the battles are fun! Quick-paced, and sprinkled with humor but like the characters, balanced with some darker moments, that keep this from being too silly or too dark.

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Finalist in the LGBT category for the Independent Author’s Network 2018 Awards!

In the peace following the Great Mage Hunt, the king’s long-time mistress is revealed as a sorceress. Locked away for the safety of the kingdom, bounties are placed upon the heads of the seven children she birthed. Mage hunters have scoured the kingdom for four years, searching for the seven scattered mage-born bastards. 

After growing up in an orphanage, Reshi discovers his parentage and learns to hide his magic, living peacefully in a remote village with an unusual friend. But when an alluring mage hunter comes to town, his secret is revealed, forcing Reshi to reach out to his brothers and sisters for help. A family reunion might be Reshi’s only hope for survival–or it might become a spell-slinging battle royale. 

Who can Reshi rely on when his own family turns against him?

Read Jen’s review, and get the book from Amazon!