Advent Book Calendar

Advent Book Calendar – Day 9

This year I’m going to host an Advent Book Calendar event, where Jen and me are going to pick one book every day until December 24th. Books we’ve read this year, and tell you why you should pick it up. You can check our progress in the Advent Book Calendar 2018 introduction post, where you can “open” the windows every day and find out what we have for your reading pleasure!


My pick for day 9 is We Ride the storm by Devin Madson. This author had been on my radar for awhile (purely because of her name) so, when this book started getting some buzz through SPFBO it gave me the push I needed to drop everything and see what it was all about.

This story follows Cassandra, Princess Miko and Rah e’Torin as they struggle to survive as an empire falls around them. With its superb plotting, character building, and world building this book is the perfect storm for a great story!

“It’s complicated choices and characters weaving through other people’s lives, sometimes intersecting them, sometimes not, spurring an outcome that may not be the one they’d expect. So, the trick for some is to out-think, out-maneuver and/or just survive and hope you’re the one that’s a step ahead in the end, and not the other guy.”


I’ve got an early ARC of this book, but at the time I had no idea what I had and I’m still kicking myself not getting to it ASAP. I especially liked the Asian-like setting, and one of the three main characters, Cassandra. I can’t wait to find out what’s the matter with her!

“It’s a bloody, character driven, headless… err, endless fun. The hype is real and well earned. I wouldn’t be surprised if it landed on many lists at the end of the year as one of the best fantasy books in 2018.” – Timy

Read Jen’s review or my review of We Ride the Storm and get the book on Amazon!


War built the Kisian Empire and war will tear it down. And as an empire falls, three warriors rise.

Caught in a foreign war, Captain Rah e’Torin and his exiled warriors will have to fight or die. Their honour code is all they have left until orders from within stress them to breaking point, and the very bonds that hold them together will be ripped apart.

Cassandra wants the voice in her head to go away. Willing to do anything for peace, the ageing whore takes an assassination contract that promises answers, only the true price may be everyone and everything she knows.

A prisoner in her own castle, Princess Miko doesn’t dream of freedom but of the power to fight for her empire. As the daughter of a traitor the path to redemption could as easily tear it, and her family, asunder.

As an empire dies they will have to ride the storm or drown in its blood.