Advent Book Calendar

Advent Book Calendar – Day 23

This year I’m going to host an Advent Book Calendar event, where Jen and me are going to pick one book every day until December 24th. Books we’ve read this year, and tell you why you should pick it up. You can check our progress in the Advent Book Calendar 2018 introduction post, where you can “open” the windows every day and find out what we have for your reading pleasure!

It’s a pretty recent read of mine, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve to be mentioned on this end of the year list. I really enjoyed this book (duh, I should something new, right?), the ideas, the fact that it blends urban fantasy with mystery and classical fantasy. And I was happy to meet Daniel Faust again, if only by passing, seeing he was neckdeep in trouble once again. But what made this a memorable read for me (apart from that scene with the special dinner for Faust) was the way Craig Schaefer portrayed the beginning of a new relationship: the insecurity, the doubts, the anticipation. Maybe because I’m right at this stage in my life as well, and it really hit a chord with me.

” A wonderfully intriguing and delightfully brutal story after which you won’t be able to resist grabbing the sequel. Schaefer brings urban fantasy to a whole new level mixing it with mystery, classical fantasy elements – witches and knights – and wrapping it into a brilliant, although totally crazy read.”

Read my full review, and get Sworn to the Night on Amazon!

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Marie Reinhart is an NYPD detective on the trail of a serial killer. When she sleeps, though, she dreams of other lives; she dreams of being a knight, in strange wars and strange worlds. On the other side of the city, Nessa Roth is a college professor trapped in a loveless marriage, an unwilling prop in a political dynasty. She’s also a fledgling witch, weaving poppets and tiny spells behind closed doors. 

When Marie’s case draws her into Nessa’s path, sparks fly. What comes next is more than a furtive whirlwind affair; it’s the first pebbles of an avalanche. Nessa and Marie are the victims of a curse that has pursued them across countless lifetimes; a doom designed to trap them in a twisted living fairy tale, with their romance fated to end in misery and death. 

They aren’t going out without a fight. As they race to uncover the truth, forces are in motion across the country. In Las Vegas, a professional thief is sent on a deadly heist. In a Detroit back alley, witches gather under the guidance of a mysterious woman in red. Just outside New York, an abandoned zoo becomes the hunting-ground for servants of a savage and alien king. The occult underground is taking sides and forming lines of battle. Time is running out, and Nessa and Marie have one chance to save themselves, break the curse, and demand justice. 

This time, they’re writing their own ending.