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The Questioning: Jen (Bunnyreads)

The Questioning is where everything gets upside down. As part of my blogiversary celebration, I invited 10 authors and 10 bloggers/reviewers who showed great support during my first year as a blogger. Then I pushed them waaaaay out of the comfort zones. Authors had become interrogators and Bloggers got interrogated. Rest assured, no one got hurt (much) and everyone had fun (eventually). You can find every related post on The Questioning page!
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Hi, I’m Jen (aka bunnyreads).

I live in the northern part of BC, where it’s winter for more of the year than I’d like. The plus side of not liking to be out in the cold, means I get to cuddle up under a blanket next to a fireplace and read.

I’d say ninety-percent of my reading at this point, is probably self-pub or new authors. I love finding great new authors and books. I read across most genres but the bulk of my reading is fantasy/sci-fi and a smattering of romance.
My husband and I have a few horses, free run some chickens, and of course there are bunnies… a lot of bunnies. The horses are his and the bunnies are mine, but he’s a good man and tries to love them too-even when they eat all his newly transplanted saplings.

When I’m not reading, or doing farm and animal chores, I love listening to music, painting, tv and movies, and walking.

Jen’s questions

If you had a dollar for every time you used a swear word, would you be able to retire comfortably by the end of the year?

Oh hell yes. I look all cute and innocent, but once I’m comfortable enough to open my mouth… Also, I’m a Hungarian. We make swearing into an art. English is not really good enough for that, though ‘fuck, fuck, fuckity, fuck, fuck’ has a nice rhythmic ring to it 😀

If you were a genie would you grant wishes with the heart of the wish in mind, or be one of those genies with a bad sense of humour where you have to be careful what you wish for?

I really would like to say I’d have the heart of the wish in mind, but… Nope. I’d be the asshole kind of genie. You want to be rich? Sure, here, a sack of money, but be sure to spend it on safety measures, because that criminal lord whose hands I’ve plucked it from is not happy and probably will coming for you. At least I warned you, I guess.

What is the weirdest food you’ve tried, that you didn’t cook for yourself?

Honestly, I’m not the food type of person. Eating is something I never liked or enjoyed much. I’m also a picker… I think the weirdest thing was when my dad played a joke on me while I was having dinner and we somehow ended up mixing peach jam with poppy. Btw eating pasta with poppy (mixed with sugar) is a common thing here. Adding jam to it not so much.

What would your Lego movie “Everything is Awesome” can’t get it out of your head, theme song be?

I’m gonna cheat a bit and pick I Will Not Bow by Breaking Benjamin. I often find it playing in my head. Conveniently, though it wasn’t on the official soundtrack, but this song was played during the end credit of the Bruce Willis movie, Surrogates. To my shame, I learned about Breaking Benjamin having a new album thanks to this movie. That was when I decided I needed to spend more time on Facebook following my favorite bands. Look where that led me…

Do you like bunnies? (this is very important)

I… Ugh… Of course?

Timy’s questions

You are a treasure hunter, about to retrieve a chest of gold from a sunken pirate ship, when a beautiful mermaid/merman approaches you, trying to stop you. How do you react?

Depends – if he looks like Jason Momoa, I’d be like “take me to your leader, baby”!

Which fictional character and/or author would you like to live with in an asylum?

Stephen King – He’s interesting, sometimes funny, sometimes too opinionated but I think I could enjoy visiting him.

You can have one magic ability for a day. What can you do and how do you spend that day?

Teleportation – my family all lives far away, I’d spend the day catching up with loved ones.

You are a magical creature living near a village. How do you get on with humans?

I’d be a nice unobtrusive presence and they’d enjoy having a rare sighting of me on my occasional visits (when I come to use the pool).

You are locked in an asylum. What did you do to end up there?

Turned my little property into Fort Knox to protect my bunnies from predators. My perimeter would include small grid-fencing (complete with razor wire), motion-sensor fire power, and mines. I don’t think this is unreasonable under the circumstances, though I have been considering whether the razor wire was a bit too much.


Jen joined to me last November, writing reviews for RockStarlit BookAsylum, but probably you already seen her reviews before on Reddit r/fantasy 🙂 Anyway, you can follow her on the following platforms:

 RockStarlit BookAsylum | Twitter | RedditGoodreads

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