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The Questioning: Jeramy Goble

The Questioning is where everything gets upside down. As part of my blogiversary celebration, I invited 10 authors and 10 bloggers/reviewers who showed great support during my first year as a blogger. Then I pushed them waaaaay out of the comfort zones. Authors had become interrogators and Bloggers got interrogated. Rest assured, no one got hurt (much) and everyone had fun (eventually). You can find every related post on The Questioning page!
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Jeramy Goble is a fantasy & science-fiction author originally from North Carolina. After growing up around the world in a military family, Jeramy graduated from college in 2004 and was married in 2010. Fascinated by other cultures, faiths, and experiences, Jeramy’s books are often adventures in empathy, centered around women and other viewpoints different from his own. Currently available are his completed space opera trilogy, The Akallian Tales, a stand-alone dark fantasy, Coven Queen, and the first in his new Moving Targets series featuring immortal bounty hunters Briz and Bayla, entitled Briz and Bayla: The Bronze Age Bounty Hunters. The first in a new epic fantasy series, Eulogy for the Dawn, is expected for release this summer.

What’s one Hungarian treasure, other than yourself of course, that you wish the world new more about? An artist? A historical event? A landmark? Anything!

Oooh, we are starting with the tough questions, are we? I really wish people knew more about Hungary in general – we have such a rich history, culture and an awesome language. Which is a pain in the ass if you want to learn it. Also so many things to see and do, this country is full of beautiful landscapes and stuff. And most of all, Budapest, it really should be on everyone’s bucket list as it has everything you might want: landscape, architecture, culture, history, parks, baths, food. What else do you want?

You incorporate music into your blog and social media quite a bit. Do you like to listen to music when you read? If so, what kind?

There are only 4 times of the day I don’t listen to music: when I sleep, when I have a shower, when I’m on a meeting/talk to my boss and when I watch TV. So, naturally, I listen to music while reading too. My brain got trained to tune it out most of the time, except if one of my favorite songs come up, or if I’m bored of the book and my brain focuses more on the music. Seriously, I’m so used to have music on all the time that it’s strange when there is silence. I don’t have different music for different occasions, I’m listening to rock for 99% of the time, and pop/rap in the remaining 1%.

Where do you want to be in five years in regards to your writing, and blogging?

Now that’s a good question, I don’t even know where I’ll be in half a year. Or if I’ll keep blogging at all. But for the question’s sake, let’s pretend I’m still around in five years. If things go well, I’d like to have my freelance editing career well underway by then so probably wouldn’t spend as much time with blogging. I would either keep it as a hobby for myself or build up to be one of the prominent fantasy blogs and let others run it for me only popping up when I feel like it. I think writing will remain more or less a hobby, something I like to play with but never consider as a career. I might have a few short stories out – 1 definitely, lol.

What is one of your fondest memories associated with reading and/or writing? A family member? A vacation you were on while reading something super special? Anything like that?

Hmm, maybe my fondest memories (both reading and writing) are associated with my very first UK trip back in 2010. I took my favorite book with me, Lamb by Christopher Moore. I also had so many inspirations during that trip and wrote quite a lot too. At the time I had a short story, and some people wanted me to write a sequel. I wanted to write that on that trip which eventually had become the first manuscript of my novel – which never got finished. Toward the end of the trip, we had a stop in Chester, and a free time. I was tired and didn’t feel like walking so I went back to the parking lot, behind which there was a river. I sat down on the bank, watched the ducks, listened to music and wrote. It was awesome. I miss that day. Just look at the pictures, it was sooo peaceful.

Where outside of Hungary have you traveled? Favorite spots? What are your top 3 other places you’d like to go?

While in elementary school I’ve spent 10 days in Germany. Near Munich, I think in a town called Füssen. We visited Neuschwanstein which was awesome, and I totally want to go back there. Sorry, no pictures for this.

Then in 2010 I spent about 9 days in the UK. We visited several places in Wales, we stopped at Liverpool and London of course. It was a really packed few days where I sometimes didn’t remember where we’ve been in the morning, lol.

2014 was an important year in my life. My first solo trip and where else could have been headed than California? I worked beside University in the last year and I spent all of that money on that trip. I’ve spent 5 weeks in Santa Barbara, going to school taking English lessons (I got sorted in the highest level, which totally baffled me), and taking short trips as far as my money let me. I’ve spent a day in Los Angeles – Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Hollywood. I also spent a long weekend in Las Vegas. It was freaking awesome. I would totally go again, but would do things differently.

In early 2017 I spent a week in Naples, Italy. All the history surrounding of that city is cool and Pompeii definitely worth a visit as well as the Amalfi coast.

And we get to 2018, when I had no less than 3 UK trips. First a week in London around my birthday in February, then BristolCon in November then I spent Christmas with a friend. You can read all about that in my 1 year anniversary post.

If money was suddenly never a concern again, what massive, obscene extravagance would you buy for yourself after a home, car, bills, charity, and the bills of your loved ones?

After paying all this? Ugh. I would probably spend it on traveling and visiting places. And would get finally clothes and shoes I deserve, but can’t get because they aren’t available in my size, but with money I could hire people to make stuff for me.

Do you have a favorite scent or taste? One or two that transport you to another time and/or place?

I honestly don’t know. I never thought about this. Maybe gingerbread or orange with clove those always remind me of Christmas and my childhood when I helped my mom to make cookies for the holidays. I also like the smell of cinnamon.

What aspects of a story draw you in the most? Relationships? Descriptions of characters or landscapes? Dialogue? Action/combat?

I think characters and their relationships with each other. But definitely characters. For me it’s important to connect with any of them. A snarky MC with a dark sense of humor and a dose of sarcasm is a win.

What’s a lesser known book title that you think would be amazing adapted to film and why?

Besides the Yarnswold novels – and yes, I had to mention it today too, shut up 😛 – I’d say A.J. Norfield‘s Stone War Chronicles series. Currently 2 books are released the third is on its way and will be just as awesome as the first two. It has really cool dragons, fighting, a villain you can enjoy hating because he is a cruel asshole, and a wide cast of interesting characters, plus cool ideas. If you like epic fantasy and grimdark you really should check that series out.

With the current trends in fantasy being what they are, are there any types of stories you’d like to see come back to the forefront?

I don’t think so, no. I’m pretty new to the fantasy genre and didn’t read many classics – actually I didn’t read any classics if I really want to be honest. I like how diverse the palette is today in fantasy, and how many different things you can choose from, the way some people experiment. I think that’s really awesome. Besides, I like to discover new and original (as much as you can be anyway) stuff, and challenge myself. I mean, as I grow and change as a person, my taste also changes and that’s fine. Sometimes it’s good to reach back to old stuff for nostalgia or inspiration, but I rather look forward.

The author/blogger community is a fairly close community bound strongly by passion for reading and writing. What are your general thoughts on the state of the community and what its future may look like?

Well, this question couldn’t be any more actual in the light of recent events. As for me, during this past year I only had positive interactions with the members of the community. They welcomed and accepted me and I’ll be forever grateful. I found friends I never had before, I had experiences I never had before, I’ve got opportunities I didn’t think I would get. Sure, I’ve seen drama here or there, because there is no community without some attritions, and that’s only natural. The strength of any community lies in the way it deals with these situations. I don’t like some aspects and way some things are dealt with as every once in a while mob mentality rears its head and common sense seems to leave people. But generally I think most people have a really positive attitude toward others and as long as these people will be the majority, the community will be able to go on and thrive, ensuring a welcoming place where creativity, individualism, and free speech is encouraged as long as it doesn’t harm others.

What single species of animal do you wish could talk? What do their voices generally sound like, and what types of things would they say?

Is this a question? Pandas, of course! I think they would have a deep voice – seriously, they are huge bears for god’s sake!! – making you feel like you are enveloped with a warm, fuzzy blanket. I think they would complain about their digesting system. They are supposed to be carnivores, but they are eating bamboo – a lot of it too, because they can only digest a small part of it. And also they would nag you to play with them, or come up with different kind of shenanigans.


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