Monthly Wrap Up

Monthly Wrap Up: March 2019

Well, March had been a busy month both for blogging and the fantasy community. The first anniversary of RockStarlit BookAsylum came and went, presenting me with the all time highest stats for March. I’d like to thank everyone who take part in the celebration even if just with checking my posts out, or sharing and liking. I couldn’t have done it without you! Also special thanks to Dave at The Write Reads bookblogger community for featuring my anniversary post as blog of the day on Twitter!

Book Reviews

In case you missed any of our reviews in March you can read them by clicking on the title! 🙂 We had a slow(ish) reading month both Jen and me. I absolutely had no energy to read anything during the last week of March and Jen had a busy time with life stuff. But we definitely made up the lack of reviews with The Questioning posts! Anyway, reviews first:

The Woven Ring by M.D. Presley – 3.5/5

the woven ring

Actually I finished this book at the end of February, but the review was only posted in March so here it comes. The Woven Ring is the first book of Presley’s Sol’s Harvest series and many of my friends seem to really like it!

“All things said, there is a lot to like about The Woven Ring. It’s an imaginative flintlock fantasy with the potential of growing into a fantastic series. Maybe it’s a bit rough around the edges, but no one can say The Woven Ring doesn’t set a pretty solid foundation for the future for when Sol finally comes to harvest.”

And They Were Never Heard From Again by Benedict Patrick – 5/5

and they were never heard from again

This novella from Benedict Patrick introduces us to the Yarnsworld. It also available in the Lost Lore anthology and on Amazon for permanently FREE!

” And They Never Heard From Again has everything I love in the Yarnsworld series: a unique, bone chilling atmosphere, a twisted fairy tale-like story and monsters you never want to meet in a forest. Or anywhere else for that matter. And most of all: an experience you’ll never be able to forget. It stays with you, gets under your skin, runs its roots deep in your thoughts. And ho boy, it’ll give you enough to think about with its conclusion. “

We Lie With Death by Devin Madson – 5/5

we lie with death

Sadly the release of We Lie With Death was delayed to a date yet to be announced, but this only means I’ll have more time to shout about it, because hell, you really need to get to this series if you haven’t yet!

“This is that kind of book which makes you promise yourself you’ll only read one more chapter. Let me spare you to lie to yourself: you won’t be able to stop. Every chapter ends in mini climax urging you to read on. By the end you won’t be able to contain your feelings and probably will curse Devin Madson by leaving you hanging, waiting for the next book like a drug addict waits for the next shot. We Lie With Death is cleverly written, intricate and addictive, merging genres like it’s the most natural thing in the world, while handling topics with a sensitivity that shows Madson‘s genius. If you didn’t read We Ride the Storm yet, start it now, because you don’t want to miss We Lie With Death!

He Who Fights by Mike Morris – 3.5/5

He Who Fights

 Technically this is an older review of Jen’s, you might remember it as she picked this book for the Advent Book Calendar event. But we decided to move it to the blog 🙂

“So, while I didn’t always like Rayne I did understand the battle with himself – I mean it’s not like his life was a barrel of fun and monkeys, not exactly the easiest POV and liking him, and understanding his struggles, are two different things. I did enjoy the journey and I quite liked a lot of the ideas in this story. And the fights. I really enjoyed the fights, and after my recent binge of fight movies, I felt I knew some of the moves they were pulling off, which is always cool. I will be curious to see where things go in later books, if there are any.”

Into the Labyrinth by John Bierce – 3/5

into the labyrinth

Jen had pretty mixed feelings about Into the Labyrinth, actually I don’t think she liked it much…

“I also liked that even though the plot was pretty predictable, it did take one small veer off with the bonding that I liked much better than where it looked like it was headed at first. Though later, that same plot point thread/twist (not sure what to call it) could have used some foreshadowing to keep it feeling less like an “oh yeah, this is why that happened”.

Like I said mixed bag, but despite a few flaws there are lots to love and huge potential to be a really cool series.”

The Bird King by G. Willow Wilson – 3/5

the bird king

I think this was my biggest disappointment in March. I wanted to love this book, but didn’t. I expected a historical fiction full of intricacies and culture, and I’ve got a fantastical adventure instead.

The Bird King is a really fast read – I had to check constantly if it really was 440 pages long, because I seemed to fly through it. It sucks you in right from the start, and though it lost me along the way, I’m pretty sure others will find it a really entertaining read. I had problems, but these mostly come from the fact that I expected something different going in and it didn’t deliver for me. But I recommend checking it out nonetheless if you are in search for a book with a female MC, diverse characters, exotic setting and an adventure. The Bird King is the story of love, sacrifice and never giving up on your dreams.”

Author Spotlight


With everything happening I didn’t forget about SPFBO either, and brought an inteview to you! Everything SPFBO related, you can find on my SPFBO 4 page!

barbara kloss

Barbara Kloss loves adventures, and finds them through reading, writing, trekking through the wilderness, and gaming—though she doesn’t consider herself a gamer. She just happens to like video games. RPGs, specifically. She’s also a bit of a fitness enthusiast, a classically-trained pianist, and she believes that maintaining balance in life is a good thing (coffee excluded).

Barbara studied biochemistry at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, CA, and worked for years as a clinical laboratory scientist. She was lured there by mental images of colorful bubbling liquids in glass beakers. She was deceived.

She currently lives in northern California, with her gorgeous husband, three babies, and pup. Author of The Gods of Men, and the award-winning Gaia’s Secret Series.

Read my SPFBO interview with Barbara!

Other Posts

1 Year in the Asylum

As I said in my intro, RockStarlit BookAsylum celebrated its first birthday on March 17th! For that occasion I’ve put together a huuuge post about this past year, noting the milestones and remembering my best moments both as a blogger and a person. I also said thank you to quite a few people who made this all possible. I wouldn’t be here without those guys. I’m also pretty sure I’ve forgotten to mention people/stuff, but honestly, by the time I finished my brain was a mess, lol. But I love you all!

Read my anniversary post and find out what I’ve been up to this past year!

The Questioning

To celebrate the anniversary, I came up with this idea that I called The Questioning. I wanted something fun, something where people could get to know other sides of me, where people got to know my awesome blogger friends but also where I could make bloggers and authors alike make step out of their comfort zones. I think it turned out pretty well, and those who participated enjoyed it as much as I did. I’m planning to make it into a monthly thing, where I’ll publish only 1 Blogger and Author Edition post a month. No need to overdo it and after a while questions can be repetitive.

If you missed any of the fun, check out The Questioning page!

Cover Reveal: A Kingdom Under Siege + Wardens of Issalia Box Set by Jeffrey L. Kohanek

The fourth and last Wardens of Issalia book will be out soon as well as the box set containing all four books. We had the honour of hosting the cover reveal, which looks pretty cool!

Check out the cover and learn more about the series!

Music Musings

Music Monday

If you missed any of them, give them a listen and read my personal notes/thoughts/ramblings regarding them 🙂

That’s it from me now. Hope to see you all in April! And keep your fingers crossed for me because a lot of important stuff is happening right now…