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Music Diggin’ Friday: Eurovision – 2019 Top 10

In the renewed Music Diggin’ Friday I’m going to write about all kinds of music related stuff. Lists, new releases, concerts, and whatever shit that comes to mind. 

May here in Europe means that Eurovision is up! For those who don’t know what  this is: Eurovision is a song contest hosted always by the country which won the previous year. Some countries take it waaaay too seriously, and for some reason most think they can win with some boring ballad. But the most memorable songs are always the total crazy ones.

The other day we started to talk about it with friends on Discord and I got excited. I’m sure we’ll watch it together and talk all the songs out, lol. To celebrate Eurovision, which had take place in Tel Aviv between May 14th and 18th, this year I’m going to write up a series of Top 10 posts. First up was the Top 10 Hungarian songs out of 16 we got to perform before Europe.

Today I’ll highlight the best/craziest/memorable performances from this year’s contest. It wasn’t as good as it was in recent years though. There were too many ballads and boring songs for my taste. This Top 10 is totally subjective and only shows my preference. I decided to use the live videos from the semi-finals and final, instead of the official videos for full effect.

1. Norway: KEiiNO – Spirit in the Sky

Personally, this was my favorite this year. In the end it didn’t win, but it was a well liked one.

2. Australia: Kate Miller-Heidke – Zero Gravity

Australia showed Europe how it has to be done. The visuals are just pure awesomeness.

The Netherlands: Duncen Laurence – Arcade

It wasn’t my top favorite, and probably wouldn’t have bet on this one, but I still liked it. Odds were in favor of this song and in the end it won the contest, so next year Europe goes to The Netherlands.

4. Malta: Michela – Chameleon

A nice earworm song, I can imagine that I would listen to it every once in a while.

5. Switzerland: Luca Hänni – She Got Me

A catchy club song, which can be pretty popular this coming summer.

6. Cyprus: Tamta – Replay

The fashion this year was leather, see through plastic and net shirts. I don’t really know what to think about her costume…. but the song is not bad.

7. Italy: Mahmood – Soldi

Surprisingly, the big 5 this year weren’t all that bad. Italy for example was a nice suprise. They came with a catchy song and it was quite different from the others to be memorable.

8. Greece: Katerine Duska – Better Love

Upon first hearing I liked this song, the second time around I wasn’t sure what I was thinking. But if nothing else, the visual are eye catching for sure.

9. Iceland: Hatari – Hatrið mun sigra

Iceland’s performance got pretty controversial reactions from the beginning. They were memorable, that’s for sure.

10. Portugal: Conan Osiris – Telemóveis

Now, this song… I didn’t like it, but just because for it’s weirdness it could have got a place in the final.

+1 San Marino: Serhat – Say Na Na Na

So. San Marino. It was the it’s such a trash that it’s good cathegory this year. Surprisingly it got to the finals, though I’ve no idea why.

Have you watched Eurovision? What were your favorites?

Have a rockin’ Friday and weekend ya’ll! 🙂