Cover Reveal: Harpyness is Only Skin Deep by D.H. Willison

Now that we are over Christmas and hopefully everyone had a great time with loved ones, I have something to show you. I was asked to do a cover reveal for an upcoming debut portal fantasy novel, Harpyness is Only Skin Deep by D.H. Willison.

Harpyness is Only Skin Deep will be released on January 17th, but you can already pre-order here!

The Author

Reader, writer, game enthusiast, game developer, engineer, history enthusiast. I have had the privilege to live and travel around the country and around the world. I have a variety of degrees which have absolutely nothing to do with literature, but those who bring up topics such as 19th century steam propulsion, or features of Baroque architecture should not plan on escaping the conversation for many hours. Harpyness is Only Skin Deep is my fourth novel, but it’s the first I’ve had the guts to actually publish.

The Cover


The design was made by Stefanie Dworschak. Check out her other works on her website!

The Blurb

On a world where death lurks around every corner, is friendship the strongest survival tool of all?

Darin: bored with his paper pusher existence, he accepts a questionable deal for the LARP adventure of a lifetime. A jump through a dimensional portal strands him on the mythical world of Arvia, where everything is gigantic. Except the life-expectancy of newcomers.

Rinloh: a mere ten meters tall. Life in the harpy flock has never been easy for her. Determined to become full-fledged at the upcoming human-hunt, nothing is going to stand–or fly–in her way.

A chance encounter between these two–what could possibly go wrong?

Humans consider consorting with a harpy a capital offense. Harpies consider the human citizens a tasty part of a balanced diet. Yet the two must overcome a most monstrous conspiracy as the citizens of the city begin disappearing, with a list of suspects as big as the inhabitants of Arvia.

Harpyness is Only Skin Deep blends endearing characters and whimsical fantasy adventure in a uniquely witty, charming style. Contact your neighborhood dimension broker, or download Harpyness, and jump into the world of Arvia today.


A Word from D.H. Willison

The cover was illustrated by the talented Stefanie Dworschak. Stefanie is a digital artist specializing in nature, portraits, and fantasy creatures, with a unique talent to capture moods and emotions in a subtle, understated way. I knew her as an outstanding artist and fan of fantasy literature, but when she agreed to accept the commission after reading an ARC copy of Harpyness is Only Skin Deep, excited about the story, and in love with the two main characters, I was thrilled beyond words. I knew she would be able to capture the novel’s vision.

I encouraged her to let her imagination run wild with the original compositions, and she came up with a number of ideas I would never have dreamed of. Given the tremendous size difference between the two main characters, creating a composition featuring both of them was a challenge. Rinloh the harpy has very much of a dual nature: huge, powerful and deadly, but also mischievous and at her core empathetic, while Darin faces tremendous danger as a “tiny” human on a world with such enormous creatures. The most difficult part of the process for me was deciding between several outstanding designs. Upon seeing the final artwork, I can only hope the modest prose inside measures up.

Stefanie’s portfolio may be found here:

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You can now pre-order Harpyness is Only Skin Deephere! It’ll be released on January 17th.