A Week in My Head

A Week in My Head: Entry 4

A Week in My Head is some kind of journal of all the things that went on in my head the past week. Be it succes, struggle or just some random ramblings. I know it doesn’t replace professional counselling, but this is my kind of therapy – talking it out of myself in this way. Join me if you want and feel free to share your experiences. I’m sure we can learn from each other and A Week in My Head will be a less lonely time.

In case you missed any of the previous entries, you can find them on the A Week in My Head page!


After a turbulent last week, this week had been a pretty quiet one. I mostly kept my head down, worked on different projects, planned out the next few weeks and spent less time on social media than usual. I guess that helped to keep my temper in check, lol. The most annoying aspect of the week was the moment when the control unit of my sound system decided to stop working. What I learned from this is that the sound of my monitor is shit. It’s currently being repaired – hopefully – and might get it back next week. *fingers crossed*

One obvious topic would be to talk about my parents – my mom left for a few days to visit my sister and her family in Israel, which is her first travel by plane and without us, leaving me alone with dad – but I really don’t feel like putting my hand in that specific beehive, so to speak.

As I already talked about my plans regarding the blog in a lenghty post here, how about I talk some of my personal goals for the year?



Now, I’ve never been an athletic person, but I’ve been thinking for a while now that I should get some kind of routine into my life. Especially since now I spend most of my time at home sitting by my desk, so if nothing else, I need to get out. Gym/working out is out of the question, I’d rather not die of boredom. The same goes for running, though going to a gym to use a running thingy might work with an audiobook. Might give that a try as there is a gym right next to my workplace where I go once a week anyway. I just need some comfortable shoes as I don’t own any – I hate wearing flat shoes.

One other thing I’ve been wanting to do for ages (tried once 20 year ago, and planning to do again ever since) is indoor wall-climbing, though that requirest one other person to hold the rope, so I might try bouldering instead. There are a few places not far away from me, I just need to work up my courage to actually go to one of these places… This year I’ll get there. Maybe.



I talked about this before, but let’s get into details a bit more, shall we? For this year I’m planning at least 2 UK trips and probably one trip in Hungary. Or maybe I’ll save that money for another UK trip. Last year my two big trips were bonded to cons (WorldCon adn BristolCon), but this year I’d like to focus more on visiting friends and hanging out with them without crowds and noise and all that stuff. It’s not that those things are bad, I definitely enjoy BristolCon, but I’ve always been better in small groups or one on ones. I still get anxious as hell, but I can handle it better, not least because I am forced to communicate. Looks like this year I will have a couple of times to test my theory.

First off, a friend of mine – I got to know her last year when she hired me for beta reading, then we met at BristolCon – invitied me to spend a weekend with her family. For the last couple of years I always planned to travel around my birthday, but I had no such plans this year, so I took her offer. Her husband is a musician and they happen to play on that weekend so I definitely look forward to that bit of fun.

Later in April a blogger friend of mine and her husband are coming to Budapest to visit the city and I can’t wait to hang out with them! I got to know them at my first BristolCon in 2018 and they were always friendly and really nice to me. Will be great to actually hear each other for a change 😀

Obviously I also plan to go to Bristol in late October. I liked spending a couple of extra days in the city, so I’m hoping to do the same. As the con falls on the last weekend of October and that week is a school holiday, my boss might not let me take off as many days as I’d like – she has kids, and we try not to take off the same days. Though since I work from home, this might not be a case. We’ll see.

As much as I love London, I don’t plan to stay there this year, though I never rule off  a long weekend here and there if there will be an event I’d really like to attend and can afford it. Flight tickets aren’t that expensive, but the accomodation in London… yeah. And besides, there are so many places in the UK I haven’t visited yet! Manchester, for instance, and I definitely would like to revisit Wales. Luckily, I have a friend living a couple of hours from London by train and we’ve been planning to meet for about as long as I’ve been blogging, so hopefully this year we can finally pull it off!



I’ve been so engrossed with the blog this past year or so that I somehow really got behind on music news. The nightmare Facebook timeline had become doesn’t help either. I want to pay better attention to new releases and be able to find some new bands to love because I start to get bored of my current collection and Spotify keeps playing the same 5-10 bands and ugh. I love them, but come on, I need to get back on track. So far there is only one concert I’m sure to attend this year and that’s… not much. Papa Roach is coming to Budapest finally, but they are coming with a band I’m not really interested in and they’ll play in the biggest venue of the city which I hate and the tickets are just to damn expensive, so meh. I’m skipping that one. Several big and well known bands announced their Hungarian shows yet, but so far none that I’m interested in and that’s a first after a couple of awesome years. I might as well align one of my UK trip to catch one of the bands I want to see, but going alone here where I know the city and in a foreign country is two different things. I’m not sure I’m ready for that yet. But then, I wasn’t sure I was ready to spend 5 weeks in the US back in 2014 and that experience changed me on many levels. But that’s another story…


I have a couple of other goals too, but let’s leave this post at this. There are definitely many things I can look forward to this year and that’s great, because there is always something to focus on when I’m having a bad time.

In case you missed any of the previous entries, you can find them on the A Week in My Head page!