Sneak Peek February

What’s to come? – February 2020

You know what month this is? February. And do you know what that means? My birthday is around the corner! I love this month – duh – despite the shit winter weather I hate. But lets see what else I have in store, shall we?

Book titles are linked to their Goodreads pages!

Book(s) I plan to read in February

I probably won’t get to all these, but here is to hoping.

Audiobooks I plan to listen to in February


We stepped into the third month of the Final phase. I know we’ve been quiet so far, but rest assured, we are busy reading in the background and probably will have a review or two up this month *fingers crossed*

You can always check out my SPFBO 5 Finals page! It doesn’t have much information on it yet, but that’s where I’ll keep updating our process and where you can find everything relevant to the competition. Of course the SPFBO 5 Phase 1 page is still up and running, so you can always find out what happened in the first 5 months of the competition!

Tales from the Asylum

We are back with the Finalists! Until the end of April you’ll have 7 of them up. After that I’ll open the gates to anyone who’d like to play.

Other bookish plans

We are still a bit on the low side with reviews due to our other commitments, so probably will have a couple more conversational blog posts or something. I still encourage you to reach out if you’d like to be featured with a guest post, cover reveal or you’d like to take part in any of my features. I’m happy to collaborate with authors and help to promote your work!

Cover Reveal and Interviews

I won’t tell more about this, but let’s just say, I have an awesome cover to show you soon! I also have an interview coming up as part of a blog tour – as I already read the book in question and did a regular interview with the author, we’ll do something different. Keep your eyes open! I also just had an idea for who to ask for an interview, so… I think this month will be pretty great.

The Questioning

Things went a bit slower with this one in January than I would have liked, but worry not, I still have some of these up in my sleeve! 😉 But if you’d like to be involved, please give a shout out! Life always happens and I might need someone to step in 🙂


My February client got delayed due to life happening, so I’m sitting this month out as well. At least I can speed things along with SPFBO to have more time to focus on other clients later in the year.

If you happen to need a second pair of eyes for beta reading, proofreading or a bit of developmental editing, please check out my Editorial Services and contact me so I could find out how to help you to make your manuscript as good as it can get!

Writing Plans

In an attempt to get my ass in gear, I’ll add this part to the monthly sneak peeks because why not. (No, not because I’m desperate to have some self-motivation, how you dare!) I’ll also try to make it into my daily habit to work on at least one of my WIPs.

As of now I have 3 short story/novella WIPs in various stages. I have one first draft which needs a read over to add notes how to fill some holes and plans to write some extra scenes. This is farther ahead and already has a title: Inkfeather, so let’s refer to this as WIP Inkfeather. I talked about this WIP a bit in The Questioning with Keith McArdle.

WIP 2 is only just an idea at the moment, though I already had the opening written. This one I’ll have deadlines for (I need to get this written down…) as I need to get it nearly finished by the end of the year. Going to be interested as I’ve been having my sweet time with my writing this past… many many years. But I also think the self-inclined and not-so-self-inclined deadlines will keep my motivation up! The only thing that’s sure regarding this one is that I’ll use Hungarian mythology as inspiration. I think I’ll do some editing rounds on WIP Inkfeather while I figure out some more details for this one.

WIP 3 is something I should have done ages ago. I have a novel in a rough first draft about 150K. I have a lot of time in tat one and though it probably never will be done in the form I originally planned, I’m still not ready to let it go. At one point I probably will take all the elements and bits I love and want to keep to create something new. Until then, I think I’ll pick up an event or part and write a short story/novella to see where it gets me. If I can squeeze it into my schedule, that is, lol. This probably will be the last down my priority list, but it’ll be great to visit that world again.

Other Plans

A Week in My Head

This weekly feature worked out pretty well in January. In fact, I was surprised by the reception of my weekly ramblings. I covered a pretty wide range of topics and that probably gave you an idea what you can expect in the future. I’m hoping to keep this one up so if you’d like to follow, you can always check my A Week in My Head page to find all the entries!

Birthday plans

I always try to make this month somewhat special, which in the last couple of years meant travelling. In 2017 I visited Naples for a week, in 2018 I went for my first UK solo trip to London and well, several more followed that 🙂 This year I’ll be visiting friends for a weekend and I’m really looking forward to it.

On the day of my birthday I’ll go to the famous The Art Of Banksy exhibition titled “Without Limits”. Man, I love his works, and I’m bouncing in excitement as I write this. I somehow managed to seek out his art in Bristol for 2 years in a row (I know, I know, shame on me, I’ll do better this year, I promise!) so I can’t be any more hyped to finally see his art close up – even if they are replicas. He is still a genius, so who cares?

Well, I think that’s it. Follow me if you like either on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram (I don’t have much content on that platform yet)!