Bring the Fire by Craig Schaefer

Bring the Fire by Craig Schaefer

Series: Wisdom’s Grave #3Genre: fantasy
Date of Publishing: November 8th 2018Publisher: Demimonde Books


“We brought you here to answer a single question. God is dead. Vanessa Roth and Marie Reinhart are responsible. We want to know how they did it.”

That was where the story began. This is where it all ends.

Believing her lover has been killed, Nessa — the living archetype of the wicked witch and a fairy tale brought to murderous life — flies across the Mojave Desert on a mission of vengeance. Meanwhile, Marie is stranded on a dystopian parallel Earth, forced to confront her own dark side as she comes face to face with the architect of an insidious plot. Their quest will take them from candlelit caverns to a bloody, rain-soaked gunfight in the heart of the Vegas Strip; from the ruins of an ancient occult battlefield, where unspeakable creatures prowl derelict warships, to the very gates of heaven.

Nessa and Marie are characters from the first story ever told, trapped in an endless cycle of tragedy, death, and rebirth. But not this time. They’re hunting for their creator, for the answers and for the justice they’ve been denied. They’re hunting for their happily-ever-after, determined to rewrite their story’s ending once and for all. And God help anyone who stands in their way. 

Disclaimer/Personal Note

I’ve got an ARC copy back then from the author in exchange of an honest review. I got a tiny bit sidetracked and I had to read the first two of the trilogy at the time, but… here we are! I finally made it thanks to audiobooks!

I also count this title into my Armed with a Bingo card. I’ve put it under the ‘A book with a beautiful cover‘ square. I mean, this cover was the sole reason I wanted to read this series. That, and the first book, Sworn to the Night was one of the finalist in SPFBO4. And for good measure, here is my Detonation Boulevard review as well.

Song of the Book

So, I went with a Disturbed song for Detonation Boulevard and you know what? I’ll keep to this and go for another Disturbed song. This time my choice is Devour.


It’s been a while since I’ve read the first two books in the The Wisdom’s Grave trilogy, Sworn to the Night and Detonation Boulevard, so it took me a bit of time to get back into the story. Bring the Fire is the third and thus last book in The Wisdom’s Grave trilogy. It’s going to be pretty hard not to spoil anything at this point, so if you haven’t read the previous two books, then you shall reconsider reading this review. For those who are planning to read Bring the Fire or already did, I’ll keep it spoiler free as much as I can.

Bring the Fire picks things up right where Detonation Boulevard dropped them – Marie is stranded in an alternate world somewhere, Nessa is racing her own fate and tries to wreak as much havoc as she can while she is at it, Harmony tries to follow the leads and figure out what’s going on, while Daniel finds himself right in the middle of the events – as usual. I seriously should make a better effort to get back to the Daniel Faust series. I just love Daniel. Er… *cough* Anyway.

I’d rather not get into the plot too deply, let’s just say time is not on Nessa and Marie’s side, or most of the higher powers for that matter. I like the way the world opened throughout the trilogy – in Sworn to the Night the setting was mostly New York, in Detonation Boulevard we got more of America and a glimpse into other worlds, while in Bring the Fire the whole universe became part of the plot. I have to tip my illusionary hat before Schaefer for orchestrating every plotline – and there were a few – to be right where they needed to be for the grand finale. There were plenty of twists and guessing whether their quest will be achieved or not. And though I had my suspicions, I still wouldn’t say it was predictable. Even my jaw dropped at one point because I did NOT see that coming and felt stupid for it. Well played Schaefer, well played. I also admire the way he can link his different books and series together by making his characters pop in and bring some extra mess into the equation.

And since we are at playing. My favourite part of this book was its cosmology. I did not expect that topic coming up and I loved every minute of it and how it was waved into the story without us realising it. Brilliant. All the settings and characters involved were just awesome.

At the end of the day, Marie and Nessa still didn’t manage to grow on me completely, and though I did enjoy their journey, I was never able to really connect with them. I’m not quite sure why is that, maybe because it’s still hard for me to see why Marie and Nessa love each other. I know they were written like that by the original Creator, but I just can’t see how their relationship would ever work out. Alas, this should be my biggest problem ever with a book.

Bring the Fire, being true to its title brings a fiery end to The Wisdom’s Grave trilogy. We get all the answers and then some more, action and heroic battle. If you already got this far, then you can be damn sure you’ll enjoy the hell out of endgame.

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