A King's Bargain by J. D. L. Rosell

Storytellers On Tour: A King’s Bargain by J.D.L Rosell – Encore

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This past week we gave you an epic fantasy, A King’s Bargain by J.D.L. Rosell. As usual, our Roadies brought a wide selection of content to this show and once again, it’s my pleasure to bring you the encore.

Shall we?

The Author

j.d.l. rosell

J.D.L. Rosell is the author of more than seven books, including the dark epic fantasy series The Famine Cycle, the fast-paced LitRPG/Gamelit series The Everlands, and the sword-and-sorcery series Legend of Tal. He also writes some serialized books, including the Nordic epic fantasy The Frozen Throne, which has over 100k views on Wattpad.

Previously, J.D.L. Rosell earned an MA in creative writing and has written as a ghostwriter. Always drawn to the outdoors, he gets out into nature whenever he can and indulges in his hobbies of hiking and photography. But most of the time, he can be found curled up with a good book at home with his fiancée and two cats, Zelda and Abenthy.

A King’s Bargain


The legend of Tal Harrenfel is sung across the Westreach — and with each telling, the tales grow taller. But though he’s declared a hero by his King, Tal has never claimed to be more than a man…

After three decades of fighting warlocks, killing mythical beasts, and hunting enchanted treasure, Tal has had enough. Running from the deeds of his past, he retreats to his home village under a different name and meets an unlikely companion: Garin, a village boy who dreams of making a name for himself and seeing the world beyond their sleepy town.

When Tal receives a mysterious visitor, both he and Garin find themselves thrown into a sojourn across the kingdom. Soon, they become embroiled in the plots of monarchs, on the frontlines of an ancient war, and at the mercy of a fabled sorcerer.

Now Tal must live up to his legend, and Garin discover his own power, to survive the forces pitted against them…

Name of the Wind meets Witcher in A King’s Bargain, an intertwining sword and sorcery adventure and coming of age tale. If you like The Wheel of Time, The Dragonbone Chair, or The Stormlight Archive, you’ll love the captivating world of Legend of Tal!

The Tour

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A King's Bargain by J.D.L. Rosell


Whispers & Wonder – review

“A King’s Bargain is an engrossing foundation of Rosell’s Legend of Tal series, illustrated by dangerous secrets entangled throughout. While this story ties up nicely, the beginnings of another grand adventure are sowed, which left me in dire need for more. The blurb’s description of “The Name of the Wind meets Witcher” aptly describes what lies within these pages, and it makes for one excellent read that’s almost impossible to put down. If you’re on the hunt for a sweeping epic, yet intimate tale with excellently drawn characters, then look no further – A King’s Bargain is exactly what you’re looking for. I thoroughly recommend.”



The Swordsmith – review

“As the reader will find out, stories are not always what they are and there is more to Tal’s story as the reader will find out. Josiah juggles this theme brilliantly, showing there is always more to someone or your heroes then you know. The story deals with the idea that not everyone is perfect, it’s fantastic to see a world with people who are less than perfect and I tip my hat to Josiah for writing his story like this, its refreshing.”

Annej Reads – spotlight/excerpt
Jorie Loves A Story – spotlight/excerpt



Dragons and Pages – excerpt
@alasbooks – spotlight/mini review

“On the rare occasion i’d look up from the page, it would take me a moment to realize i wasnt actually in their world.”



Book Bustle – review

“Author J.D.L. Rosell is an imaginative and skillful writer!  A King’s Bargain is a sweeping epic fantasy with a lot of promise for the next book!  Overall, I absolutely enjoyed this book and would pick up another by Rosell in a heartbeat!  This book combines excellent elements of high fantasy with well-crafted writing to bring the reader into a world filled with magic, mystery, and danger!”

The Coycaterpillar Reads – review

“This book had absolutely everything that I love in Epic Fantasy. It was fast paced and totally captivating. The action kept emerging from the pages and slapping me around the face – my body was wrecked and shattered from the ride the author took me on.”

Parsecs & Parchment – excerpt



Out of This World SFF Reviews – review + excerpt

“The characters were incredibly well fleshed out and young Garin especially shows a significant amount of growth from the early chapters until the end.  And what an ending it is by the way!  I can’t say enough about how pleasantly surprised I was by this fantasy tale and how much I need book 2 in my hands as soon as possible!”

I Can Has Books? – review + excerpt

“his is a story that will suck you in, leaving the real world behind, making you forget all as you lose yourself in the tale.When having to set this story down, I could not stay away for long as I needed to get back with Tal, Garin and Aelyn to continue our adventures.” 

Marginally Magical – excerpt



The Paperback Voyager – review

“It is above all, a story about our youth’s hunger for discovery, the shaping of idols, and the loss of innocence. You’ll be left wondering, how much of a man remains when the history of his self is sculpted by fabled stories?”

FanFiAddict – excerpt
Grimdark Dad – excerpt


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