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New Staff Member in the Asylum!

You might remember that back in May I put out a call looking for a new staff member for the Asylum. And I’m here to introduce you our newest member!

Expectations are funny things, as they are hardly ever met. But in some cases the best course of action you can take is to throw those expectations away and take a good look at what you really have. You might get surprised.

I didn’t really have an idea what to expect when I put up the form. I know I hoped to have a bigger selection than what I actually had, but that’s fine. I’m still happy some people were interested in the first place. I might do something well after all. So I decided to forego the 2nd round and went straight to inviting the person my gut told me to invite.

I’ve been following Arina for a while now. She’s been one of the core members of our Roadies over at Storytellers On Tour. She is hard working, smart and funny, someone who can bring some fresh vibes to the Asylum we might just need. I’m very much looking forward to work with her. But why am I babbling here? I’ll let Arina introduce herself:


My name is Arina, a SFF-obsessed storydweller, native to the sunny midlands of Portugal.

I was very young the first time my parents put a book in my hands (most likely an inventive way to shut me up and keep me still) and have not found it in me to stop reading since. Oral tradition has a special place in my heart—it was due to my grandparents speech storytelling that my love for languages and stories was ignited, and so I’ve grown to love fantasy and sci-fi above all, as genres particularly influenced by folktales.

From there my love for all genres blossomed and every day that scope expands. Words have a very special meaning in my life; I have lived through others’ words a million lives and visited as many worlds, so I love stories that can take me beyond myself while still managing to deeply consider reality.

My comfort reads tend to include gray morality, monsters, and out-of-the-box worldbuilding and magic systems.

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