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Storytellers On Tour: Spit and Song by Travis M. Riddle – Encore

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This past week we gave you a fantasy adventure, Spit and Song by Travis M. Riddle. As usual, our Roadies brought a wide selection of content to this show and once again, it’s my pleasure to bring you the encore.

Shall we?

The Author

travis m riddle

Travis M. Riddle lives with his pooch in Austin, TX, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in English Writing & Rhetoric at St. Edward’s University. His work has been published in award-winning literary journal the Sorin Oak Review.

The Blurb

spit and song riddle

Kali is a merchant who yearns to leave the harsh deserts of Herrilock and travel across the sea, trading goods and soaking in the sights and cultures. With a new potion on the market undercutting her profits, though, her seabound dreams are put on hold indefinitely.

Failed musician Puk hits rock bottom after yet another catastrophic performance. Wandering the city streets in search of any sip of booze or whiff of fire-spit he can get his hands on, he resigns to the fact that he’s stuck in the desert with no way back home to Atlua.

Until one day, their paths cross with an illicit job opportunity. With its hefty payday, Kali and Puk could afford to finally escape the desert heat and set sail across the gulf.

The black market job would see them travel endless dunes on a road made from a massive dead beast’s ribs and out to a mythical city in the sea, scuffling with monsters and thugs in search of a long-lost book that might be the most dangerous object in the world.

How hard could it really be?

The Tour

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Whispers & Wonder – interview



Out of this World SFF Reviews – review

“There’s also a wittiness and biting humor to the writing that makes the dialogue between the characters flow so effortlessly and creates a connection with the reader.  I cared about what happened to them and was fully invested.  I really enjoyed this book and I can’t wait for the next one!”

Darksidereads – review

“There is a magic in the way Travis tells a story, I noticed it when I read Balam, Spring. He can build characters and social interactions that will keep you hanging on, like you are a fly on the wall watching everything that happens. I was so invested in the characters I hated for the book to end.”

Spells and Spaceships – review

“Ultimately, if you want a fresh new fantasy read that sticks to everything that makes a fantasy book fun – the adventure, magic and imagination (did I mention a city built within the huge skeleton of a dragon!?) whilst turning alot of traditional fantasy elements completely on their head, or just throwing them away altogether, this is the book for you.”



The Swordsmith – review

“Speaking of Kali and Puk, what a duo they were, a real fantasy odd couple and two of my favourite characters to grace a page recently. They are so unalike, yet so united in their quest. I always feel it is important to like characters you are going to spend time with, these were two were great.”

OllieSpot SFF Book Reviews – review

“I laughed out loud at times, and you will too reading some of Puk’s misadventures. And Kali has the right spice of personality to make a really entertaining duo that we get to see take off on an adventure to steal something for a lot of money, or crescents. Although at times it becomes more of a mis-adventure, the organic world building along the way, as well as the colorful dialogue kept this story moving for me and felt satisfied and happy at the end. Feelings that are harder to maintain right now in our crazy human world.”



The Paperback Voyager – excerpt

Book Bustle – review

“The book had a slightly slow start, but it picked right up about 1/8 of the way into the book. The names of creatures and other descriptive details got a bit confusing, but quickly were resolved and I knew exactly what was going on. In fact, I appreciated the descriptive details because they gave me a much more clear picture of the world I was reading about and the characters who live there!”



Grimdark Dad – review

“I really enjoyed this book so goddamn much. It is for sure Not Your Typical Fantasy Novel, and that’s what makes it stand out. It almost felt a teensy bit like China Miéville’s Bas-Lag world, as populated by creatures from Jabba’s Palace…but also not really like that, either.”

booksnbites – excerpt

natrosette – review

“The world-building in this novel was a delight. We’re gradually introduced to a variety of imaginative races that are physically and culturally distinct but don’t fall into the trap (and pet peeve of mine) of being defined by personality traits. Similarly, each city and town that we come across throughout the novel has a unique feel. Everything in this book is very well thought out, but I never felt overwhelmed by it all.”



FanFiAddict – excerpt

Foals, Fiction & Filigree – review

If you are one for hilarious dialogue and bantering, Spit and Song will be right up your alley. Puk and Kali have easily become one of my favorite literary duos.”


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