Sneak Peek July

What’s to come? – July 2020

With July summer heath came as well and I’m not a happy queen. Especially becaue I’m stuck inside and I still have 6 weeks to go until our vacation trip. Ugh. I’m already done with this season. On a more a positive note, we have a lot of books to read and some other content as well to keep ourselves and you entertained.

So let’s see what we have in mind for July:

Book(s) I plan to read in July

At this point this list is a pure guess. I might pick up something I fancy, or something from my TBR or… nothing at all. I honestly have no idea.

The book titles are linked to their Goodreads pages.


Audiobook(s) I plan to listen to in July

As with my other reads, at this point anything can happen.

Book(s) we plan to review in addition to the ones above


We are one month into SPFBO6 and we’ve spent the time going through our batches. I’m hoping to post 2 sets of mini reviews in July which also means that we’ll reveal two of our semi-finalists, so watch this space!

If you wish to be up to date, you can always check my SPFBO 6 Phase 1 page!

According to plans, I’m going to start posting the first few posts of my new feature I created for SPFBO. I’m really excited about this and I hope you will like it 🙂

Other bookish plans

We have quite a few reviews planned for July, but there is always some space for author spotlight and fun posts. I encourage you to reach out if you’d like to be featured with a guest post, cover reveal or you’d like to take part in any of my features (I have a vacation edition for Tales from the Asylum for instance)! I’m happy to collaborate with authors and help to promote your work!

To Be Continued…

My awesome author buddies are currently working on the third To Be Continued… story and if nothing else goes wrong, then I might post at least the first part toward the end of the month!

Storytellers On Tour

There is no stopping for Storytellers On Tour and we are more determined than ever to bring awesome books to your attention! It’s still not too late to sign up to be our Roadie! 😉 In July we’ll be giving you:

shadow of a dead god samphire banner hosts
voice of war argyle banner schedule
the story of evil a heros downfall johnson banner hosts
the hollow gods vrana banner hosts v2

Currently Open for Sign Up


To learn more about Storytellers On Tour visit our website!

You can also find us on Twitter and Instagram!

We are always on the lookout for bloggers to join us, so if you haven’t already, then you can sign up to become a Roadie here!

Writing plans

Hey, I actually got down 500 words in June, which is… Something. Now that things really calmed down, I’m hoping to carve out some time in the weekends and get some more words happening. So, this month the plan is pretty much the same as it was last month: reach 5K for my WIP novella, The Lost God. With 1K/weekend, I think it can be done *fingers crossed*

Other plans

I’m planning to get more content on Instagram, so I’m looking at my options how to make more pictures – pandas included, naturally! – and also try to build up a following there too. I’m also thinking about doing a twisted vresion of the 30 Day Music Challenge. I’ll start with pairing ten songs and books and doing one post a week. We’ll see how that will go. For now I’m having fun with taking pictures of my plush pandas, lol. I also ordered some fun panda figurines so there will be a bit more variety. And no, I do not use my Instagram account as an excuse to feed my panda obsession. HOW YOU DARE! Okay, fine, I totally do. Happy now?

Well, I think that’s it. Follow me on social media if you’d like to: