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This past week we gave you one of this year’s SPFBO entrants, A Hero’s Downfall by Tony Johnson. Our Roadies brought a wide selection of content to this show with reviews, interviews and excerpts. Now it’s time to bring the show to an end and it’s my pleasure to present you with the encore.

Shall we?

Meet the Author
Tony Johnson

Tony Johnson is the author of the epic fantasy series, The Story of Evil. He is an avid reader who enjoys fantasy, classic novels, Shakespeare, and Christian literature. He is also a fan of movies, television, videogames, and Tennessee Titans football. He graduated with a Bachelors in English Literature from SUNY Brockport with a certification to teach 7th-12th grade English and Special Education. Tony lives in Batavia, NY and is currently finishing up his Masters Degree and working on the final book in The Story of Evil trilogy.

Book Blurb
A Hero's Downfall by Tony Johnson

During an entertaining jousting tournament, a mysterious villain attacks the capital with his army. Because of this disastrous event, Stephen Brightflame, a nineteen-year-old who aspires to become a knight, embarks on a quest to save the kingdom from further destruction. He joins up with a convicted felon, an arrogant warrior, and a Halfling woman, but quickly learns their pasts are just as dark and disturbing as his own. Experience the first book in an epic fantasy trilogy that’s been called, “fascinating and captivating” featuring “well-rounded, enjoyable characters, intense action scenes, and riveting twists” (The US Review of Books and Self-Publishing Review).

The Tour

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Whispers & Wonder – interview + spotlight



Foals, Fiction & Filigree – review + spotlight

Fast-paced, full of action and battle, The Story of Evil possesses all the elements of epic fantasy, without the crudeness and promiscuity featured in so many books of this genre.

Knapsack.news – review

“I will say this – if you’re looking to start into something new that starts in a much different place than so many others do (ie, a young innocent gets caught up in a world-ending prophecy, or something similar) then The Story of Evil – A Hero’s Downfall by Tony Johnson will definitely scratch that itch. And, if like me, you like seeing twists on how mystical power is harnessed (here, by leveraging the power of elements), then I think you’ll like what’s to be had here.”



Out of This World SFF Reviews – spotlight

I Can Has Books? – review + spotlight

“A Hero’s Downfall left me numb upon completion. Just emotionally drained. Any author that leaves me with with a ‘book hangover’ in my opinion is an amazingly talented one. Tony Johnson is a name to keep your eyes and ears open for. I for one can not wait to place this book on my physical bookshelves next to many of other greats of Fantasy.”



Through Novel Time & Distance – guest post

“Out of the many author interviews I’ve watched or read, there seems to be one question commonly asked by readers. The question is usually something to the effect of “Where did you get your inspiration from” or “How did you get the idea for your book?” When readers find stories they love, they often want to know the idea that sparked its creation. In the fantasy and science fiction genres the question of a book’s origination is especially prevalent, considering that through the world and magic, the reader is taken on a unique, never-before-seen experience. However, breaking down the book to its core themes, settings, and characters usually reveals it isn’t as other-worldly as it seems at face-value. Fantasy and sci-fi fiction typically have real-world influences and inspirations.”

Book Bustle – review

“The pacing of this book is fast! From start to finish, I was hooked! It’s rare for me to have a truly, “couldn’t put it down” experience. I had one with this novel! Tony is a talented writer who knows how to weave background information into plot. I didn’t feel like I had information dumped on me at any point in the book! I can see the elements of high fantasy in this book and the influences from more modern high fantasy writers! It’s a thrill ride of swords, magic, dragons, griffins, kings, elements, orphans, action, and friendship! All the elements of fantasy that I love out of a book in this genre!”



Armed with A Book – guest post

“Most fantasy authors seek to make the fictional worlds their characters inhabit as unique as our own. The more a world is diverse, the more expansive it can be. This is the type of worldbuilding that engages the reader and makes them yearn to experience what the author has crafted. Elements like history, climate, religion, technology, geography, social classes, and culture create a realistic world worth exploring. Even if it’s just a brief sentence of exposition, or a character pointing out a small detail, these features establish the idea that there is more to the setting beyond its surface level.”

Gwendalyn’s Books – review + spotlight

“A stunningly satisfying book, I cannot quite say just how impossibly good this is, from the first page I was completely immersed, I flew through the pages at lighting speed. It is an addictive, dramatic and gripping fantasy tale. Filled with fleshed out memorable characters, that I enjoyed following. Great dialogue within wonderful banter. The author descriptive narration of the emotions the main protagonist felt, was truly remarkable and incredible. The sub characters are notable and diverse array of fantastic creatures really adds to the enjoyment of this compelling read.”



@fanfiaddict – spotlight

Al-Alhambra – review

“There are so many secrets in this novel you’ll be surprised. The world building is excellent and I can hopefully tell, that the author has spent his time playing World of World of Warcraft, Guild Wars II and ESO/Skyrim. There’s a lot of influences from that. I really enjoyed all the characters in this except the arrogant crown prince and his father. The novel itself is really a set up of what is to come.”

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A Hero's Downfall by Tony Johnson