Party with the Stars

Party with the Stars: E. L. Aldryc

Welcome to SPFBO 6 and my brand new feature, Party with the Stars! Have you ever wondered what might happen if you could throw a party of your choice and not only could you invite your MC(s) but other literary figures as well? In this feature I ask you to imagine exactly that scenario and some more. Meet E. L. Aldryc and let’s get the party started!

Invitation to a house party by E. L. Aldryc
The Host
aka The Author
E. L. Aldryc

Ellan is a foreigner. Hailing from the distant lands of Central Europe, she landed in the UK a decade ago to become the world’s next literary superstar. This mission is, as many others, still in progress. She writes fantasy in a variety of worlds ranging from hi-tech to roman-dragon-steampunk extravaganza (2021). Unlike most good writers, she has a university degree in Creative Writing, and usually doesn’t publicize it. Why? Because in her second year, a teacher marked down her work as ‘commercial drivel’, while praising a student who wrote a short poem on a greasy pizza box instead. Since then, she’s sworn to never write a poem on a pizza box. Instead, she creates beautiful poetry in the shape of worlds and people whose destiny is yours to explore.

The Main Guest(s)
aka The MC(s)

You’re in luck again. Miss Elodie Marchand is famous as part of a dynamic duo of housemates who throw the best parties, especially after a long day of working hard. She deserves it, and you should tell her when you see her guessing the ingredients of a peach amd lime daiquiri. Now don’t ask too much about her work – The Sight Institute keeps a lid on most of their shadier stuff, but feel free to encourage her when she starts talking about the gifted. She’s been trying to gather the courage to take the test and find out whether she’s got potential to join the psychic organization. Don’t talk too loud about it. Her friends – not exactly supportive of the idea. One wonders why?

Special Guest(s)

I have honestly thrown Dorian Gray out of every single party in 2019, but that’s what you get when you live in London. Elodie is quite a good listener, so I’ll let him bore her this time.

The Entertainment

The Main Attraction

Well, I’ve never thrown a party without a valiant attempt to stir something paranormal, and since this is a civilized soiree, there will be a constant whisper among the attendees about whose turn it is to go to the forbidden room and try their luck at conjuring.

The Music

House in LA by Jungle

Jungle is the band you’ll hear once and spend hours searching for proof that there’s been a mistake. They must have been there when you were growing up, they are ancuent, surely, you’ve been searching for this sound for years. Nope. Fresh as dew. The video for House in LA captures the essence of a sunset party among friends, each immersed in their secrets. And this is what my books are all about.

No by Nicolas Jaar

Nicolas Jaar is a visionary of sound, opening new landscapes of experience, and ‘No‘ is my favorite. Not just because it’s referenced in my first book: a slow warped pachanga at a party at 3am. And the lyrics. ‘You don’t have to see the future to know what will happen.’ Agreed. Sometimes it’s better if you don’t.

Fountains by Django Django

Beach Boys, Monkees and the Beatles had their fun, and in the early 21st century, a new generation of aficionados obsessed with the 60s harmonies rises to take the mantle. This isn’t their most popular song (try Default for a crowd pleaser), but it speaks of what it feels like to witness the ‘making of a time’ and it’s made a lasting impression.

Sad Alron by Mark Pritchard

Let’s imagine that you love ‘My Friend, the Gifted‘, but hate this electronic drivel. We can still be friends. The best work of music that incorporates the invasion of the magical into the ordinary is this particular song. It’s like a fairy whistle-blower caused this. Somebody stop them!

Dambakalé by Compaore Issouf

Repeat after me: Burkina Faso Funk will change my life. The beauty of this sound is something that will only grow in fame – it deserves it! And easily be one of the few remaining types of music people still get into in the 24th Century. Believe me. I’ve been there.

The Party
aka Who Let the MC(s) Loose?

Elodie makes the meanest cocktails and has an eye for those who might need a friend to come out of their shell. But she often has her hands full preventing fights between her best friend and the poor souls she picks on.

Author's Note

You’re in luck dear frieds, because parties are my bread and butter. You thought I has invited you over for a quick tea to drop off that tupperware you borrow – but even as you approach the house, you start hearing bass and bagpipes. And as always, someone shouting in Italian. I’m excited to party with y’all! First book ever, let the baptism of fire commence!


E. L. Aldryc submitted My Friend, the Gifted to SPFBO. You can connect with the author here:

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