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Party with the Stars: Nicholas McIntire

Welcome to SPFBO 6 and my brand new feature, Party with the Stars! Have you ever wondered what might happen if you could throw a party of your choice and not only could you invite your MC(s) but other literary figures as well? In this feature, I ask you to imagine exactly that scenario and some more. Meet Nicholas McIntire and let’s get the party started!

Nicholas McIntire Party with the Stars invitation
The Host
aka The Author
Nicholas McIntire

Nicholas McIntire has been telling stories since he was old enough to form words. This is the first novel he has published properly, as the dozens of previous projects he has created over the past 28 years will doubtfully ever see the light of day (at least in their current forms). He lives in Ft. Worth, Texas.

The Main Guest(s)
aka The MC(s)

Aleksei is the Hunter of the Seil Wood, a demi-goddess whose physical form is a massive sentient forest. He is honest, kind unless you cross him, and fiercly loyal. His is also the Archanium Knight of Jonas Belgi, a Magus and the Crown Prince of Ilyar. Jonas begins the story a bit conceited, a bit selfish, and arrogant (except that his arrogance is actually backed up by ability and education most of the time). They are connected by a bond that not only ties their lives together, but their hearts and minds as well.

Special Guest(s)

Dorian Gray would be there, and Aleksei would likely fail to even notice he was present, except perhaps to notice that the man’s scent was completely at odds with his appearance. Jonas would be startled. He’s self-aware enough to know that he can be a bit of brat at times, but seeing someone take it to an entirely different level would reassure him that while he may have his issues, at least he isn’t THAT.

The Entertainment

The Main Attraction

Drag Legend Sasha Velour would perform Annie Lennox’s “Love Song for a Vampire” from her show Nightgowns, once again giving a nod to the Russian/Eastern European roots of the series, as well a wink to certain plot developments in the second half of the novel.

The Music

Enigma by Lady Gaga

Lyrically this hold surprisingly close to how Aleksei and Jonas’ relationship begins, especially at the beginning of the book (the dream state that they meet each other in is technically virtual as it’s a fabrication.) I also love the idea of being someone’s enigma, because one of the things I love about Jonas and Aleksei’s relationship is that they are enigmas to one another in so many ways.

Земфира by Искала (Zemfira by Iskala)

The title of this song basically translated to “Looking”, and about the lead character searching for someone in a variety of different places, describing them as just “like in a dream”, and while this could technically refer to Jonas searching for Aleksei, I personally think this actually sounds like a completely different character hunting for him. I also chose it because the mythological basis for this world, and specifically the realm of Ilyar, were modeled after Russian and Eastern European mythology and paganism, which I studied extensively when earning my first bachelor’s degree.

#1 Crush by Garbage

I love the key of this song, along with Shirley Manson’s sensual growl throughout. Basically everything she lists off in the lyrics will occur at some point throughout the series’ 10 books, so it’s not even hyperbole, just stating the facts. I’m also drawn to the way love and obsession start to bleed into one another here, as that’s one theme that begins in The Hunter’s Gambit, but continues throughout the series. Sometimes it’s unexpectedly great, other times it’s a total disaster.

No Big Deal by Lara Fabian

Moving the focus away from my lead characters, this song could equally be about either my lead antagonist, Bael, or conversely about the Queen of Ilyar and Jonas’ aunt, Andariana. The tone, the lyrical content, it really could have been written for either character (even though they are VERY different people) and I always appreciate that sort of duality. Also, Lara Fabian is a spectacular vocalist and this record never received the attention it deserved.

Nothing At All by H & Claire

I’m a sucker for bad pop music, but in this case it brings us to Aleksei and Jonas’ feelings for one another from the end of the 2nd act into the 3rd, both in its key and lyrical content. This song was a part of the playlist I wrote the first draft to, back in 2004-2005. Also, I could listen to Claire Richards sing just about anything.

The Party
aka Who Let the MC(s) Loose?

Aleksei would likely get accidentally drunk very quickly, as he’s still not used to the fact that he has zero tolerance for alcohol, or anything else for that matter (this is due to a bit of magic he picks up, but is still very much getting used to). Jonas would be keeping an eye of him while at the same time probably flirting with every guy there (so as not to appear rude, of course).

Author's Note

While my tongue is planted firmly in my cheek for this particular aspect, circuit parties are over the top and debaucherous, while also serving to raise money for charities. In this case the cause would be forest conservation, as Aleksei Drago is one of the guests of honor.


Nicholas McIntire submitted The Hunter’s Gambit to SPFBO. You can connect with the author here:

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Excerpt from, The Hunter’s Gambit by Nicholas McIntire

Henry spent the rest of the day watching his son closely. Something was undeniably troubling him, but until Aleksei decided to open up to him there was nothing he could do.

   “He’ll tell you in his own time, Henry.” he muttered under his breath.

So he waited. Every now and then he would engage his son in conversation, but every time he thought Aleksei might be on the brink of telling him something, the conversation fled to some superficial topic. Did he think it would rain by Market Day? Who did he think would bring the biggest pig to the Harvest Festival? Did he think Mother Margareta would come to bless their fields before the first frost?

   Henry answered each question as though it was the direction he meant to steer the conversation, and refused to allow his frustration to surface. But by the end of the evening, he was no closer to understanding his son’s troubles than he’d been that morning.

   Finally Aleksei rose from his seat before the fire, put his book away, and went to bed. Henry watched him go, more troubled than ever. The boy had never gone to bed without a word before. He always had some last comment to make, even if it was just to wonder at the next day’s activities.

   Henry sat before the dying embers of the fire well into the night, thinking. He didn’t remember falling asleep, so when the voice woke him his eyes started open.

   Hello, Henry.

   He looked around, trying to get his bearings.

   Gone was the heat of the hearth, the comfort of his chair. Instead he stood in an enveloping fog of shimmering gold.

   He could see no one.

   “Where am I?” Henry demanded.

   A dream, Henry. This is merely an illusion. I apologize that I cannot offer you more comfortable surroundings at the moment.

   “Who are you?” Henry called, feeling a touch foolish, shouting at phantoms.

   His question went unanswered.

   Henry, I’ve come to ask a favor.

   “Who are you?” Henry repeated flatly.

   There was a moment of hesitation before the voice responded. A man much like yourself, Henry Drago. One who only wants what’s best for your son.

   “Speak then.”

   When the favor was uttered, Henry blinked in confusion. A thousand questions bubbled to the surface, yet he found that he only possessed the strength to ask one.

   “Why?” he choked, surprised by the weakness in his own voice.

   The air before his face shimmered and distorted, as though he were looking through intense heat. Slowly, images formed. Images of Aleksei. An Aleksei he didn’t recognize.

   “Why are you showing me this?” Henry managed.

   Because I want you to see what your son could become. The man he could be, if you’d only let him. If you just do as I say.

   “I don’t trust you.” Henry barked back. “I can’t even see your face.”

   Another image shimmered into being. A man, though Henry saw nothing remarkable about him. The man leaned forward and whispered in his ear, and Henry heard the unmistakable ring of truth.

   In that moment he thought he might have preferred a dagger to the heart. It would have been far less painful to simply die at the end of a highwayman’s blade than to agree to this. Either way, he would lose the most precious thing he had.

   “Bargain struck.” Henry whispered bitterly, a tear winding its way down his cheek.

   You’re doing your son a great service, Henry Drago.

   The man even sounded earnest.

   Henry started to say something, but even as he opened his mouth, darkness swirled around him. He slipped back into the empty chasms of sleep.


   Morning greeted Aleksei gently, rousing him from a dreamless oblivion. It had taken him hours to finally find some rest, and his relief was immeasurable when he woke without encountering the specter of the green-eyed man. His wish had been granted. The man was gone.

   He made his way down the narrow stairway and walked into the kitchen, frowning at what greeted him. Their rough wooden table was laid out with provisions for what Aleksei could only guess was a journey.

   But a journey where? His father hadn’t said anything about travel. There was still wood to chop and hay to store. The first snow might be weeks away, but there was no telling when the winds would usher in the chill of Northern air. Working outside in the cold was not something he, nor any farmer, relished.

   “I see you’re up.” Henry said from behind. Aleksei jumped.

   He turned, “Da, where are we going? I thought we were going to finish the hay this morning.”

   His father shook his head and smiled, though Aleksei caught the deep sadness in Henry’s eyes. “We aren’t going anywhere, Son. You are.”

   Aleksei frowned, “Me? But I thought—”

   His father tried to hold the smile, but it was forced, “You’re needed, Son. In the North.”

   Aleksei thought his heart would stop. He forgot to breathe. He could hardly process what his father had just said.

   You know the truth he speaks, Aleksei.

   Aleksei fought back a sob of frustration. He thought he’d freed himself of the damned voice, but now he knew the truth. He would never be free from it. It would hound him until the end of his days, or until it drove him mad, whichever came first.

   Or until you simply do as I ask.

   “Why?” he finally managed.

   His father looked out the kitchen window, and Aleksei followed his gaze. Dash waited patiently outside, a saddle fitted snugly about his muscular frame.

   “Because you’re needed, Son. It’s the only answer I can give you.”

   “I’m not needed here, Da? Don’t you need me?”

   Henry bit back the pain in his voice, “You are more of a help than I can say, Aleksei, and I love you dearly. But no, I don’t need you. Not like this. If you stayed here, you’d be wasting something…extraordinary. And honestly, I think you’d know it too. They need you in the North, Son. And their need is much more important than mine.”

   Aleksei stood there, stunned by what his father was saying to him. And then the questions came pouring forth. What did Henry mean by ‘extraordinary’? What had his father learned? What was still being kept from him?

   “And I’m sorry I can’t give you the answers you want, Son. But I think you know who can. Find him.”

   “But how can I….” Aleksei began, fighting back the tears springing into his eyes.

   “You’re strong, Aleksei. You’ve always been strong. That won’t fail you now.”

   Henry swallowed back his own tears and tried to smile again, “Now you’d better get on the road. The sooner you get beyond the Southern Plain, the better. You don’t want to be riding under the Harvest sun too long if you can help it.”

   “But where am I going?” Aleksei cried, his voice breaking. It was happening too fast. His life was slipping through his fingers moment by moment and there was nothing he could do about it.

   “North, Son. North. You’ll know where you’re headed as you get closer. That’s all I know to tell you.”

   Aleksei looked into his father’s eyes and saw the sadness, the regret that burned within him. His father wanted to know just as badly as he, to know just what sort of place he was so blindly sending his son.

   Finally, after a long silence, Aleksei nodded. “Alright, Da. If you want me to go, then I’ll go.”

   “I’ll never want you to go, Son.” Henry whispered, his face contorting with pain. He had already lost his wife, and now he was losing his son, too. Aleksei would still be alive, but he would be so far away.

   “But promise me something, Aleksei.”

   Aleksei nodded, “Anything, Da.”

   “If you find this place and if it’s not what you want, what you need, promise me you’ll come back. Even if this isn’t what you want either, at least we can figure that out together.”

   Aleksei finally allowed a tear to wind its way down his cheek, “I promise, Da.”

   Henry stepped forward and wrapped his arms tightly around his son, hugging him as close as he could, as though any moment Aleksei might turn to mist and vanish forever. Henry stepped back and managed a sardonic smile. Aleksei might remain solid as stone, but surely enough he was about to vanish.


         Henry didn’t watch his son ride away. In truth, he couldn’t bear it. As long as he’d never seen Aleksei leave he could always pretend the boy was out in the barn, or by the pond he’d swum in as a child. It was a good hour before Henry allowed himself to sit down in his chair and sob.


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