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Storytellers On Tour: Fly Free by Allison Rose – Encore

This past week we gave the spotlight to Fly Free, the first book in Allison Rose’s Fantasy series, The Light of Faerie! Our Roadies brought a wide selection of content to this show with reviews, interviews, and other posts. Now it’s time to bring the show to an end and it’s my pleasure to present you with the encore, including some extra content. Come and learn a bit more about the world of Fly Free through our Q&A with Allison. And don’t forget to enter the giveaway to win a paperback copy of Fly Free!

Shall we?

Meet the Author
Allison Rose

Driven by a lifelong passion for words and reading fantasy novels, award-winning author Allison Rose writes YA fantasy stories featuring faeries, magic, and strong heroines. She has a BA in psychology and is fascinated by how other people think, but her love for reading and writing is greater. When Allison isn’t writing, she is editing and proofreading the works of others. Allison lives with her husband, collie mix, bunny, and chinchilla in the place of wild weather also known as Buffalo, New York. 

Book Blurb
Fly Free by Allison Rose cover

In the land of Faerie, lies are easily disguised as truths.

They were raised like sisters, the heir to the Court of the Day and her guardian.

And as rebellion darkens the land of the Day—and the faeries of Court fall under a dark magic that disconnects them from the land, dooming them to a slow, agonizing death—they will question all they know to be true.

Sevelle, the Light of the Day, is destined to rule one day. She possesses a rare form of magic, the ability to heal the powerful connection between faeries and the magic in the land, the connection that gives them life—if only she could figure out how to use this magic, or even find it within herself.

Jae lives in the shadows, watching over Sevelle as her guardian and listening to the whispers of Court brought to her by the winds. She longs for a life outside of Court, but knows her duty to Sevelle is more important than her own desires.

But when an unexpected proposition comes from none other than Lex, son of the rebel leader, Sevelle and Jae realize their lives will never be the same—and that evil may be within their own court more so than in the rebels that oppose them.

Walking paths far different than they imagined separates the sisters, but then a secret is revealed that may break them apart forever.

Fly Free is the first installment of the Light of Faerie series. Enter a land of magic in the midst of a power struggle, where all is not as it seems and love may be found in the most unlikely places.

The Tour

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“This is a twisty tale with quite a bit of political intrigue within a magical faerie court. There is drama, there is adventure, and there is a coming-of-age story that will keep you invested from page one until the very end. Though the love interests fell a little flat for me, our two main characters, Sevelle and Jae, are fascinating to watch throughout the story. They have a lot of depth and I found myself completely intrigued by their growth and development. I think if you’re a fantasy lover that likes faeries, politics, and hard choices, you’ll enjoy Fly Free!”

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“Overall, it had a slow start but when it picks up and you get sucked into this amazing story filled with faeries, friendship and adventure, it’s quite a fast read! The twist I didn’t see coming definitely made me want to read the next book!”

Jorie Loves A Story – review

“The ways in which Rose wrote the drama behind the revelations is what pulls you into her narrative the most. You cannot help but become rooted in this world observing what is happening with her characters and having the weight of regret not assault you as you are reading. She took an interesting thread of intrigue and spun it round the concept of the fey in such a way as to curate a believable quest for Sevelle and reckoning of identity for Jae. I love how this offers the foundation for the series and an entrance back into the world of the fey I was not expecting to find and loved experiencing.”



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“Alternatively between two POV’s, that of Sevelle and Jae, the reader is given front row seats, in this fantasy romance aventure. Engaging with a steady pace, this magical book has some strong themes. The characters were interesting and I even enjoyed the Villain in the story. Some delightful twists along with the world building and magical system, will have you flipping those pages until the end.”

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“The writing style is very easy going. The plot it’s superb, in the start you think you know everything but no. You aren’t going to be able to put it down. In each chapter you have a plot twist of another level.”

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“I found this story a lot of fun to read and enjoyed getting to know the characters and their values. There is plenty of intrigue and unexpected twists to the tale to keep the reader interested and I would recommend it to fans of YA and adult fairy stories.”

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Fly Free by Allison Rose IG wrap up
Q&A in the Asylum
Welcome to the Asylum, Allison! Take a seat by the fire, have a glass of beverage of your choice and tell me something about yourself!

Thank you! I’m Allison Rose, and I’m a YA fantasy author. My books usually involve magic, elements of nature, fast-paced plots, and otherworldly beings. My favorite things in life are coffee, my dog (who is my child), my husband, and books—not necessarily in that order.

What inspires your writing? Do you listen to music, stare into the fire, listen to the whispering of the wind, make deals with the Devil?

I love listening to music to get into the mood to write. My favorites are LEAH, Nightwish, and Within Temptation. Though if the Devil wanted to talk to me, I’d listen 😉

Describe an asylum set in the world of your book, Fly Free!

Insane faeries are not good for Day Court image, so they’re mostly banished to the neighboring human world. Others have their minds altered.

Your MC is locked in an asylum. What did he/she do to end up there?

Most likely did something to anger The Glorious, ruler of the Day Court. Her power is absolute, and her word is final.

Which fictional character (it can be one of yours) and/or author would you like to live with in an asylum and why?

Jae, one of my characters. She can influence the winds to hear faraway conversations, so she would find some crafty way to escape. And until then, she could tell me all the gossip going around outside.

While you are locked in here for eternity, we will allow you one book – what would you choose?

Tithe by Holly Black.

Well then, we hope you’ll enjoy your stay in the Asylum! Any last words? *locks door*

Any way I can get some more books in here? No?

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