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Storytellers On Tour: Rise of One by Dixon Reuel – Encore

This past week we gave the spotlight to Rise of One, the first book in Dixon Reuel’s Paranormal Post-Apocalyptic/Occult Fantasy series, the Blood Brute! Our Roadies brought a wide selection of content to this show with reviews and other posts. Now it’s time to bring the show to an end and it’s my pleasure to present you with the encore, including some extra content. Come and learn a bit more about the world of Rise of One through our Q&A with Dixon!

Shall we?

Meet the Author
Dixon Reuel

Irish award-winning poet, Eve Power writes as Dixon Reuel and is the author of the Post-Apocalyptic Paranormal series, Blood Brute.

Dixon lives in Dublin, Ireland and holds a First in History & Early Irish Studies and another First in Creative Writing. She is a lifelong nerd and devoted hobbyist of cosplay, video games, and other surely worthwhile pursuits.Dixon cannot stand monkeys or phone calls, and to receive a phone call from King Kong would definitely be her greatest fear.

Book Blurb
Rise of One by Dixon Reuel

Nothing is trickier than the truth.

Ready to Meet Your Next Favorite Dark Fantasy, Horror Series? Then Keep Reading!

“We have to be very careful, as those who age so slowly, not to fight upon past battlefields. In that, and maybe only in that, are we superior. To hold a grudge for a human lifespan, that is one thing. To hold a grudge throughout the whole of our lives, that would be an unlivable, untenable existence. So, we do not fight on past battlefields. We air our grievances as plainly as possible. We found, after centuries, we could live no other way.”

— Salter, The Chronicler

As zombies roamed, the earth went quiet. It is as if every critter knew that the only way to stay safe was to lay silent.

Rise and his coven were running out of fresh blood to feed on. With only one human – albeit pampered beyond belief – at their disposal, there wasn’t enough food to go around. He must find other human survivors if they want to avoid succumbing to the blackness of oblivion.

When the human survivors he rescued were infiltrated by Warwolves, an ancient order of vampire hunters, Rise soon realizes the danger he brought upon his kind. With the full intent to survive, Rise must purge all threats to his vampire race.

The world, although decimated, is ripe for rule. If he wished to set history on a new path, he must triumph — starting with the rise of one individual.

Will Rise triumph?

Will he fall victim to the brain-dead that abound?

Or will the Warwolves succeed in finally ridding the earth of his kind?

Find out for yourself in “Rise of One”.

“Rise of One” is the first installment of the Blood Brute Series by Irish award-winning and best-selling writer Dixon Reuel.

In this gripping page-turner, readers will:

– Come alive as every twist and turn take you on a brand new path towards a damned world filled with famished vampires and ruthless zombies

– Yearn for more as Rise and his coven fight for the survival of their kind — whatever it takes

– And so much more!


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“Overall I enjoyed Rise of One. The new twist on the vampire tale was intriguing and something I didn’t expect. I also didn’t expect the parallels to last year which for me made the story more visceral and tugged at certain emotions and anxieties that heightened the tension a bit. And though there were some elements that dragged things down for me in the middle there was a tension woven throughout that kept me reading and wondering where things were going right up to the plot twist and action in the closing chapters which really brought things together. The story closes on a cliffhanger that leaves you with additional questions only the next book can answer…and yeah I’m also a fan of a good cliffhanger.



Beneath A Thousand Skies – review

“Overall, though, I did really enjoy Rise of One. It had a fascinating premise and executed in ways that I wasn’t quite expecting but enjoyed. I’m also someone who loves found family, and anything that plays on the traditional idea of vampires and twists it well. The characters were fantastic, believable and you couldn’t help but become embroiled in their story, and the twists and action, kept me needing to find out what happened next, and the ending has me hooked and needing the next book to find out what happens next.”

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“In this tale of a claustrophobic reality, I quite enjoyed the imagery of a vampire riding a mountain bike down a country lane.”



booksnbites – review

“What an utterly fantastic paranormal Post-Apocalyptic story, containing both Vampires and Zombies as the main species. From the very first chapter I was dazzled by Dixon Reuel’s beautiful writing, and intriguing carefully crafted characters. I simply could not put this book down!!”



Her Scribbled Thoughts – review

“This book was written with a nice balance of vampire specific terms and laymen’s terms for dummy’s like me who don’t read vampire books often. I enjoyed learning those new terms and getting some more information about vampire’s lives in the “real world”. Overall, this book was engaging, easy to read and the characterization was fantastic. This first book in the series is a great start to the legacy of Rise.”

Rise of One by Dixon Reuel IG wrap up
Q&A in the Asylum
Welcome to the Asylum, Dixon! Take a seat by the fire, have a glass of beverage of your choice and tell me something about yourself!

Why thank you! No coffee after noon or I literally won’t sleep! I’m an Irish award-winning poet and writer of SFF & Paranormal fiction. I’m currently drafting Book 2 of my Blood Brute series, having released the first title, Rise of One, and two prequels, Finding Home and On the Edge of Salt, in 2020. 

What inspires your writing? Do you listen to music, stare into the fire, listen to the whispering of the wind, make deals with the Devil?

Music is a huge inspiration for my writing! Sometimes, I can be really stuck working out an idea or a character or a scene, and often by just finding the right *sound* the whole problem solves itself. I keep a playlist that’s filled with the oddest tracks: The Mandalorian OST, Schubert, traditional Andalusian music, Peter Gabriel, Heilung, etc!

Describe an asylum set in the world of your book, Rise of One!

Well, the world of Rise of One is the same as our own… only during a zombie apocalypse, so an asylum would be a terrifying prison of incarcerated zombie-brutes rotting away, with only each other’s decay for sustenance!

Your MC is locked in an asylum. What did he/she do to end up there?

Knowing the Vampire Rise, he thought he could lead everybody all on his own terms. His way, or the highway. The pressure of that would’ve gotten to him when his leadership ultimately fails, that would be his ticket straight into the asylum!

Which fictional character (it can be one of yours) and/or author would you like to live with in an asylum and why?

I’m going to pick my favorite author, Mary Renault, not that I want her in an asylum! However, not only her work (alternative history novels about Ancient Greece) but her life story is so fascinating to me that I’d take any opportunity to speak to hear!

While you are locked in here for eternity, we will allow you one book – what would you choose?

I would chose one of the first novels I read: The Neverending Story by Michael Ende. It’s really two books in one, with two different stories (first Atreyu then Bastion) within the one book. Ende’s world is so out there, so extraordinary and magical that now, 30 years later, I’m still never bored of the themes and tales in The Neverrending Story.

Well then, we hope you’ll enjoy your stay in the Asylum! Any last words? *locks door*

Hope there’s internet!

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