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Storytellers On Tour: Notorious by Sudha Kuruganti- Encore

This past week we gave the spotlight to Notorious, the first book in Sudha Kuruganti ‘s YA Urban Fantasy series, Legend Valley Academy. Our Roadies brought a wide selection of content to this show with their spotlights. Now it’s time to bring the show to an end and it’s my pleasure to present you with the encore, including some extra content. Come and learn a bit more about the world of Notorius through our Q&A with Sudha!

Shall we?

Meet the Author
Sudha Kuruganti

SUDHA KURUGANTI has been writing since she was a kid of thirteen, first starting out in fanfiction. She loves books, anime, coffee, chocolate, manga, Beatles music, and dogs—not necessarily in that order.

Her fiction has been published in various anthologies, and has been featured on All India Radio.

When she’s not writing, Sudha is usually reading, trying out online recipes on her Air Force officer husband, or playing with their young son.

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Book Blurb
Notorious by Sudha Kuruganti

She’s just looking for somewhere to lay low…even if it’s a magical academy.

As the only child of a broke single mom, Mal Jones knows that whatever she wants; she has to get for herself, even if it means taking on a side hustle. It’s not exactly legal, but her magical powers keep her safe.

A streak of bad luck leads to the local police almost busting her, and Mal’s only escape is to accept a place at Legend Valley Academy, a paranormal boarding school.

Her mom doesn’t want her to go, but with a criminal on her tail—who thinks she’s a snitch—a magical Academy in another freaking dimension is the best place to hide. Right?


All she had to do was keep her head down and wait this year out, but not standing out is harder than Mal thought. Her deadbeat dad is more famous than she knew, and something horrible is going on at the Academy.

The worst part: Mal is one of the only witnesses…

Dive into this engrossing supernatural world for an intriguing mystery, slow burn romance, and mythical monsters and creatures from every culture in the world!

The Tour

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Q&A in the Asylum
Welcome to the Asylum, Sudha! Take a seat by the fire, have a glass of beverage of your choice and tell me something about yourself!

Five fun facts:

  • The first ‘book’ I ever wrote was something for a school assignment when I was eight. I wrote, illustrated, and bound it myself out of notepaper ripped from my notebook. It was called ‘A Journey to the Centre of the Earth in 30 Days’. (I’m SO glad it’s lost forever.)
  • I really enjoy reading fanfiction. It’s like candy for my brain. I used to write a lot of it before, you can find my past works under my fanfic pen name, Isha-libran. Now, though, I mostly concentrate on my own characters instead of others’. Two of my works are featured on the TV Tropes website for being ‘Fanfic to Die For’ – and I’m really proud! (Link here.)
  • I speak three languages – English, Telugu (my mother tongue), and Hindi. Being tri-lingual is fun!
  • -My name, Sudha, means nectar in Sanskrit. 🙂 
  • I enjoy Bollywood movies – as well as movies from Tollywood, the Telugu film industry. 
What inspires your writing? Do you listen to music, stare into the fire, listen to the whispering of the wind, make deals with the Devil?

Every story of mine starts out with a question, or a premise, like what if things were like this, or how would a world where X was true, actually function? For example, with Bloom, one of my earlier books, I started out with the question – can I write an Indian version of Twilight, with a more feminist take on the whole thing? So Bloom is Bollywood + Twillight, with the main characters being a pair of reincarnated lovers, and masked assassins trying to keep them apart.So, I get the idea—and then lines jump into my head. I think in words, so I wake up with lines of dialogue or narration in my head—and that serves as the foundation for my stories. I build up the story, line by line from there, and then it’s just a mad race to the finish.

Describe an asylum set in the world of your book, Notorious!

Ooh, wow. Depending on which country the asylum was in, you’d have vetalas and rakshasas stalking the hallways at night. Maybe a few yaoguai hang around, looking for someone desperate enough to offer their souls in return for freedom. Some of the inmates might have been driven mad by La Cegua. It’d not be a place for the faint of heart, definitely.

Your MC is locked in an asylum. What did he/she do to end up there?

Mal, my main character, is a sneaky one, so she’d be faking it. She’d be hiding out from someone out to get her (like she does in Notorious) or she’d be in there because she’s after something that’s in the asylum. Information from another inmate, maybe. Readers will find out the lengths she can go to for her goals in Book 2 of the Legend Valley Academy series, Tenacious

Which fictional character (it can be one of yours) and/or author would you like to live with in an asylum and why?

Sam Vimes. Even if he hated me, he wouldn’t be able to let anything bad happen to me, because he’s got too much integrity. And I’m sure any asylum in Ankh-Morpork would be more entertaining than horrifying. I hope.

While you are locked in here for eternity, we will allow you one book – what would you choose?

Oh my god, asking an author that is TORTURE. Of the worst kind. Maybe Small Gods. Or Night Watch. Or Good Omens. Or Daddy Long Legs. Or…or… *starts gibbering madly*

Well then, we hope you’ll enjoy your stay in the Asylum! Any last words? *locks door*

As long as I have a laptop, the internet, and food and drink…can I stay in here while I catch up on my writing?

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