Beyond the Rail and Other Nightmares by Ichabod Ebenezer Cover Reveal

Cover Reveal: Beyond the Rail and Other Nightmares by Ichabod Ebenezer

Organized by Storytellers On Tour, today, along with several other bloggers, we present to you the cover of Beyond the Rail and Other Nightmares by Ichabod Ebenezer! Make sure to check out their posts as well!

Beyond the Rail and Other Nightmares is Ichabod Ebenezer’s upcoming Horror short story collection, set to be released on June 28, 2021.

Meet the Author
Ichabod Ebenezer

Ichabod Ebenezer is the genre-promiscuous author of “A Shadow Stained in Blood” as well as countless short stories ranging from Horror to Sci-fi, from Fantasy to Mystery. He lives and writes in the Pacific Northwest with his family, a chameleon, and the ghosts of three cats. He is currently working on a Fantasy novel, but there is always another skeleton at the back of his closet.

Book Cover
Beyond the Rail and Other Nightmares by Ichabod Ebenezer

Cover by: François Vaillancourt (

Book Blurb

A petty thief steals a car and the curse that comes with it…

An abandoned laptop leads an overstressed software designer to the dark web, where ruthless traders barter in something more intangible than money…

A small-town cop shows up for a routine eviction, but finds an abomination hidden beneath the house…

From the mind of Ichabod Ebenezer, author of Between Bloom and Decay and A Shadow Stained in Blood, comes a collection of short stories destined to sink its teeth into your bones. Beyond the Rail and Other Nightmares lures readers into a world of sentient shadows where every smile comes quiet in the black. A world where no object is ordinary, and trusting in the mundane can get you killed. For the readers who wish to be haunted—this collection will keep you up at night, within reach of a nightlight and a warm blanket against the dark.


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