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Crown of the Sundered Empire by JC Kang – Tour Encore

This past week we gave the spotlight to Crown of the Sundered Empire, JC Kang’s Epic Fantasy novel, the first in the Heirs to the Sundered Empire series! Our Roadies brought a wide selection of content to this show with reviews and other posts. Now it’s time to bring the show to an end and it’s my pleasure to present you with the encore, including some extra content.

Shall we?

Meet the Author
JC Kang

JC Kang’s unhealthy obsession with Fantasy and Sci-Fi began at an early age when his brother introduced him to The Chronicles of Narnia, Star Trek, and Star Wars. As an adult, he combines his geek roots with his professional experiences as a Chinese Medicine doctor, martial arts instructor, and technical writer to pen epic fantasy stories.

Book Blurb
Crown of the Sundered Empire by JC Kang

Only the demon in Tomas’ glass eye can save his village.

It might cost him his soul.

In a broken land where conquerors dream of empires, Tomas dreams of a day when the townsfolk won’t taunt him. After all, he’s the fishing village kid with a misshapen face.

Only the Rune vendor’s daughter treats him well. To win her heart, he relies on a quick wit and local superstitions to convince her he has Diviner’s Sight.

But if he did, he would’ve foreseen magic-fearing invaders plucking out his mismatched eye.

Or the demon trapped in the glass replacement. It reveals a world beyond human vision, while whispering temptations in his mind.

Now, with his village caught between the advancing armies of the Sun God’s mortal descendants and His Chosen People, Tomas must use a combination of calculation, cunning, and demonic insight to maneuver the forces of his world against each other—prince against prince, princess against princess, army against army—or see his home crushed forever beneath the wheels of war.

But to do so carries a dire risk. Because using a demon could condemn your soul.

The Tour

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Crown of the Sundered Empire by JC Kang tour hosts


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Sadie’s Spotlight – excerpt

@theenchantedshelf – review + IG spotlight

“Just like with Songs of Insurrection, Kang has yet again crafted a intricate and stunning fantasy world with Crown of the Sundered Empire. I was entranced from the first page to the last and fully invested in Tomas’ story.”



DEEKAY | Daily Dose of Reading – review

“The ending was satisfying to read and obviously there’d be a continuation. I’m excited to see where the story will go next and what other challenges will the characters have to face. This book has an exciting story, and I was feeling so many emotions when reading it and I was pretty happy with how it goes.”

@fantasybookcraz_mum – review+ IG spotlight

“If you are fantasy books lover, you will definitely enjoy this book with magical world, full of history, dragons, elves, orcs and halflings. I can not wait to read more of Kang’s work. I highly recommend.”

Girl Who Reads – review

“The second half of the book is full of battle and intrigue, on land and sea, as well as in different palaces. They’re all fascinating to read about, and the tensions remain high in the different plot threads. It’s a great look at the world of Tivara and the epic tales in this universe.”



Fantasy Book Nerd – review

“If you cannot guess, I enjoyed this book and there are  many good things about J.C. Kang’s writings. One of these is his ability to write strong female characters. In fact, when it comes to characters, the female characters stand out more than the male characters and for me they appear to be the main driving force in his stories.

Crown of the Sundered Empire by JC Kang IG wrap up

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