Eulogy for the Dawn by Jeramy Goble book blitz

Book Blitz: Eulogy for the Dawn by Jeramy Goble

Organized by Storytellers On Tour, along with several other bloggers and bookstagrammers, we present to you Eulogy for the DawnJeramy Goble‘s Epic Fantasy novel, the first in the Wrathlore series. Make sure to check out their posts as well! And don’t forget to enter the giveaway!

Meet the Author
Jeramy Goble

Jeramy Goble is an epic fantasy and science-fiction author, originally from Morganton, North Carolina. While traveling with his sister, mother, and military father, Jeramy accumulated passions for the wonders of world faiths, and the excitement of science and technology. In addition to being an author, Jeramy is an IT professional, composer and avid gamer. After studying music, Jeramy received his bachelor’s degree in 2004. He and his wife, Julia, were married in 2010.

About the Book
Eulogy for the Dawn by Jeramy Goble animated cover

Domaren constructs peace using his tools of war. He is a silencer of rebellions and a butcher of tyrants. To some, he is a champion defender. To others, he is a merciless eradicator. Together with his fellow Godknights, Domaren wields might and magic to carry out the will of the creators.

But the creators have suddenly gone silent.

As the last living Godknight present during the ancient rebellion known as Wrathlore, Domaren must rise above suspicions of deceit, faltering powers, and a world erupting in chaos if he hopes to learn the fate of the missing creators.

Inspired by

So, as you’ll see by many of the images on the mood board, I often surrounded myself by Norse elements, but also, general pictures of epic fantasy, or concepts that evoked the most epic elements of fantasy. There are also some character sketches that I commissioned to help me stay in a particular character’s mindset as I wrote. As for the Norse elements, Eulogy for the Dawn isn’t a book rooted in Norse mythology, but there are many themes and vibes from Norse mythology and Scandinavian culture that heavily influenced me as I wrote. The same can be said of the music I listened to, which I’ll get into below!

Eulogy for the Dawn moodboard
Hemkomst – Forndom

This piece of music is the one I’d have to say was my overall, heaviest influence in writing this book. The melody and steady dirge pace convey a dark and brooding pace, that helped me maintain a relaxed focus. And despite the overall somber tone of the music, the lyrics (and I think the piece as a whole), is quite uplifting. Here are some of the lyrics translated into English:

The sun rises up from the north,
Goldencomb¹ crows loudly,
once again it grows from the earth,
outside the door of the family.
I’m given a drink by a fair lady,
I’m warmed by a beautiful pyre,
around me, I hear my fathers gather,
toasting for a good year and peace.

 Wardruna – Lyfjaberg (Healing-mountain)

I love Wardruna and loop the heck out of this track. As with so much of Wardruna’s music, Lyfjaberg drives a powerful and complex melody that I drew on for inspiration and rejuvenation, much like the mountains this piece of music is about. From the lyrics, in English:

Healing-mountain stands for eternity
It comforts the sick and the sore
Each and every one who assails that rock
Will find their lifelong ailment cured

Heilung Krigsgaldr

Heilung is, in a word, fascinating. Very few tracks transport me to what the spiritual consciousness might have been like for those who lived in and around Scandinavia in the 800s or so. I love music that assists me in contemplating what life might have been like at various points in history for various peoples, or might be for others in the future. As for Heilung’s Krigsgaldr, the lyrics are nothing short of magical, and fierce:

I let the blade do the talking…
So my tongue shall become iron
And my words the mighty roar of war
Revealing my divine anger´s arrow shall strike

All action for the good of all
I see my reflection in your eyes
But my new age has just begun

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