Thunder, Blood & Goats by Lyra Wolf Cover Reveal

Cover Reveal: Thunder, Blood & Goats

Organized by Storytellers On Tour, today, along with several other bloggers, we present to you the cover of Thunder, Blood & Goats by Lyra Wolf! Make sure to check out their posts as well!

Thunder, Blood & Goats is Lyra Wolf’s upcoming novella, set in the world of the Tales of the Nine Worlds series, expected to be published on November 9, 2021.

Meet the Author
Lyra Wolf

Lyra Wolf is a Swiss-American author of fantasy and mythic fiction.

Raised in Indiana, home to a billion corn mazes, she now lives in Central Florida, home to a billion mosquitoes. She enjoys drinking espresso, wandering through old city streets, and being tragically drawn to 18th century rogues.

When Lyra isn’t fulfilling the wishes of her overly demanding Chihuahua, you can find her writing about other worlds and the complicated people who live there.

Lyra has earned a B.A. in History and M.A. in English.

Connect with Lyra Wolf
Book Cover
Thunder, Blood & Goats by Lyra Wolf

Cover by: Dominic Forbes (

Book Blurb

Killing one measly dragon wasnt supposed to be a problem.

It seemed like a good choice, if not practically heroic, to join Thor on a quick mission to rid the realm of Alfheim of a minor dragon infestation. It all goes wrong when Thor insists on bringing the goats. And then it gets worse when Elénaril—an elf with an attitude and a crossbow—steps on the scene.

Loki finds her absolutely charming. And so does Odin. He craves Elénaril for his army in Valhalla. Loki sees this as a (second) chance to secure his place in Asgard and impress the gods.

He wants to show them he isn’t as bad as they say.

But if Loki does what Odin wishes, it might not necessarily prove he isn’t as bad as they say, but prove that he is.


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