Travels in the Dark by Jordan Loyal Short cover reveal

Cover Reveal: Travels in the Dark by Jordan Loyal Short

Organized by Storytellers On Tour, today, along with several other bloggers, we present to you the cover of Travels in the Dark by Jordan Loyal Short! Make sure to check out their posts as well!

Travels in the Dark is Jordan Loyal Short’s upcoming Epic Fantasy novel, the third book in The Dreadbound Ode series, expected to be published on March 3, 2022.

Meet the Author
Jordan Loyal Short

Jordan loves to play games and to travel. He is a hopeless nerd, and not very good at hiding it. He loves dogs, sleeping in, and beer.

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Jordan has worked in a variety of industries, as a web developer, bartender, copywriter and more. He lives in Washington state with his wife where he is currently daydreaming about the end of the world.

Connect with Jordan Loyal Short
Book Cover
Travels in the Dark by Jordan Loyal Short

Cover by: Deranged Doctor Design (

The Deadbound Ode trilogy by Jordan Loyal Short
Book Blurb

Lyssa is going to the Dead Place and everyone she killed will be waiting.

As the Hidden One’s twisted plan to resurrect the Deep Gods unfolds, the only way to stop him is a secret buried in the land of death.

But Lyssa has not given up. If the Deep Gods can return, so can she.

Can Lyssa find a way back? Can she delve into hell’s darkest corners and emerge with the lore to stop the Deep Gods’ rise? Or will she become a lost soul, like so many of those she loved in life?

Ancient horrors will wake. Skalds will sing. And a blind seer will see the shadows gather.

Lyssa Pedersten has tasted poison, and hell had best beware.


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