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No Song, But Silence by Jonathan Nevair – Tour Encore

This past week we gave the spotlight to No Song, But SilenceJonathan Nevair’s Sci-Fi novel, the third and last book in the Wind Tide series! Our Roadies brought a wide selection of content to this show with reviews, interviews and other posts. Now it’s time to bring the show to an end and it’s my pleasure to present you with the encore, including some extra content. Come and learn a bit more about the world of No Song, But Silence through Jonathan’s playlist! And don’t forget to enter the giveaway!

Shall we?

Meet the Author
Jonathan Nevair

Jonathan Nevair is a science fiction writer and, as Dr. Jonathan Wallis, an art historian and Professor of Art History at Moore College of Art & Design, Philadelphia. After two decades of academic teaching and publishing, he finally got up the nerve to write fiction. Jonathan grew up on Long Island, NY but now resides in southeast Pennsylvania with his wife and rambunctious mountain feist, Cricket.

You can find him online at and on twitter at @JNevair 

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Book Blurb
No Song, But Silence by Jonathan Nevair

The tide of justice ebbs. A mysterious and reclusive superpower threatens to extend its reach, colonizing new star systems for Wind energy and spreading a corrupt political empire. The People’s Army, once the hope for a new federation of allies in the Arm, has dwindled to a mere spectator in the fight for political control. Ailo’s role in its revolutionary fervor is over. The esoteric philosophy of the legendary Cin Quinti is her only concern now. But when an unimaginable threat sends a political shock wave through the Arm she must weigh the cost of self-preservation, hiding in the shadows as civilization falls to despotism and tyranny.

Light years away on Kol 2, a young librarian grows inspired by a mentor’s clandestine teachings. What he discovers with the newfound knowledge reveals a moral avalanche. The dubious and cruel political power corrupting his society must be exposed, but it will take a leap of faith to challenge an empire.

The Tour

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No Song, But Silence by Jonathan Nevair tour hosts


Whispers & Wonder – guest post: Keeping It Real – Character Age in the Wind Tide Series + IG spotlight @whispersandwonder

“One issue for me in writing this series was the time jumps between novels and how they related to the age of the characters in the series. As an anthology trilogy, Wind Tide is constructed as three stories that connect but remain autonomous (to varying degrees). The books don’t run in a direct, linked chronology – several years pass between the point where one book’s plotline ends and the next book’s story starts.



Theswordsmith – excerpt

Sadie’s Spotlight – interview



Armed with A Book – interview

@fantasybookcraz_mum – review + spotlight

“Phenomenal ending to a brilliant trilogy by Nevair. Absolutely loved this book and really enjoyed this series.”



Beneath A Thousand Skies – review

“No Song, But Silence was the perfect conclusion to a grand tale, grounded in personal stories and following a cast of characters that I will truly miss following and will need to revisit in the future. Nevair has created something magnificent with the Wind Tide series, and it is without a doubt one of my top reads for 2021 and I’ve been blessed to follow this series from start to finish.



Westveil Publishing – review + IG spotlight @thewestveilarchives

“This isn’t a neat and tidy rose-coloured glasses wrap-up to a trilogy, it’s very bittersweet and perfectly imperfect, but it feels right and it feels inspiring.”



Spells & Spaceships – review

“No Song, But Silence is a thoroughly enjoyable read that completes an exciting new sci-fi trilogy in a satisfying fashion, with melancholy yet that relaxed satisfaction all good books should invoke when you finish them. The ambition and craft necessary to successfully achieve this shows a competence in the author, hinting at a great career, full of further imaginative worlds and characters to love.”

Sue’s Musings – review

“There are some surprises and heart-in-mouth experiences along the way. No Song, But Silence will take your breath away while punching you in the gut and wrenching a tear or two as well! Highly recommended.”

No Song, But Silence by Jonathan Nevair IG wrap up
The Playlist
Tempest (Rising Appalachia)

This one captures something of the landscape of Kol-2, both in physical and spiritual topographies. 

Whispers (Ayla Nereo)

An ode to the Trees, and in the case of Wind Tide, that means the Cantinools on Heroon.

Snö-Golem (les Big Bryd)

One the move, getting to work to go from plan to action! This one reminds me of Ailo.

Our Most Desperate Hour (Nita Strauss)

This one is for Nisi. And, the title is quite fitting too. 

Da Pacem Domine (Arvo Pärt)

Final scene, last chapter. This hits pretty close.

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