Archimedes by Brian Sigmon Cover Reveal

Cover Reveal: Archimedes by Brian Sigmon

The Asylum is excited to reveal the cover of Brian Sigmon‘s upcoming sci-fi debut, Archimedes! A thief with a dangerous gift finds himself colliding with tensions in the Solar System. To be released on September 6th, 2022.

Meet the Author
Brian Sigmon

Brian Sigmon is a space adventure daydreamer who decided to start writing his stories down. He loves to read and write fast-paced, entertaining sci-fi that grips you from the first page and doesn’t let up.

Brian has a Ph.D. in religion and serves on the advisory board of AI Theology, a group dedicated to exploring the intersection of science, technology, and spirituality.

He used to write articles on religion until he admitted to himself that fiction is just way more fun. Brian is a book editor, woodworker, sports fan, armchair futurist, and half-decent kids soccer coach. He grew up in North Carolina, spent some wonderful years in Wisconsin, and now lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

Connect with Brian and learn more about his writing at

Connect with Brian Sigmon
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Archimedes by Brian Sigmon

Cover by: 100 Covers

Book Blurb

A thief with a dangerous gift.

Rising tensions over the Sun’s energy.

A brutal attack in the lonely silence of space.

When Ben Ashley steals a sample of Dorium, the fallout carries him right to the heart of the Solar System’s cold war–a war that’s about to turn hot unless Ben can stop it. What starts as a deal to avoid prison becomes a mission to save his people. He’ll have to confront the calculating aggression of the Interior, elude the Raptors that plague the Outer Colonies—and find out why all the bad guys seem to be working together.

To have any chance, he’ll have to harness the strange ability that nearly kills him every time he uses it. But if now isn’t the time to try, when is?

Keep an eye out for more info on the book’s release on Brian’s social media platforms! If you’d like to read an excerpt, visit Nick’s cover reveal post to find out how!

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