Cover Reveal: The Impudent Edda by Rowdy Geirsson

Cover Reveal: The Impudent Edda Translated by Rowdy Geirrson

After the original release of Norse Mythology for Bostonians, the infamed translator Rowdy Geirsson translated The Impudent Edda to English, so now all of us can enjoy it. Presented here with four new previously missing sagas… The Impudent Edda is due to be released on November 22, 2023 by Puffin Carcass. We are proud to present its cover to you!

Meet the Author
Rowdy Geirsson

Rowdy Geirsson is the author of The Scandinavian Aggressors, an offbeat odyssey set in the present-day Nordic nations, and a recurring contributor to the American-Scandinavian Foundation’s Scandinavian Review and the Sons of Norway’s Viking Magazine. He is the world’s foremost Impudent Eddic scholar and his academic research on the subject has been published at McSweeney’s Internet Tendency since 2010.

Connect with Rowdy Geirsson
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The Impudent Edda by Rowdy Geirsson

Cover Art by Matt Smith (

Book Blurb

After 800 years, the final installment of The Edda Trilogy has at long last arrived! Picking up where its medieval forebears, The Poetic Edda and The Prose Edda, left off, The Impudent Edda not only introduces readers to a fresh, new perspective on both familiar and previously unknown narratives of Norse mythology, but also brings the worldʼs foremost epic fantasy trilogy to its inevitable and fateful conclusion: in a dank alleyway behind a dive bar in Boston. 

Masterfully translated into English for the first time ever by esteemed Impudent Eddic scholar, Rowdy Geirsson, this volume offers readers a deeply poetic yet highly accessible version of fun and classic tales ranging from Odinʼs unprovoked murder of an ancient witch to Freyjaʼs voluntary experiment as a prostitute among lecherous dwarves to Thorʼs drunken and petty act of larceny on the eve of Ragnarök, the final world-shattering battle of the gods. 

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