Music Monday

Music Monday: Lost at Sea by Dawg Yawp

Music Monday is a meme that was created by Drew from The Tattooed Book Geek. Bjørn and I will pick a song alternatively on each Monday and share our thoughts about them. Bjørn’s pick this week is Lost at Sea by Dawg Yawp.

Thoughts and Ramblings

I’ll immediately admit that the only reason I know about Dawg Yawp is that I watched a Suzanne Vega live performance for World Cafe and those two beardos showed in ‘related videos’ with the live version of ‘Lost at Sea’. What do they sound like? Think Tame Impala with electric sitar and flawless vocal harmonies. Most of their lyrics, like this one, make absolutely no sense, until you get hit with ‘I’ll Quit Tomorrow’ or ‘Can’t Think’ from the first album. (Their second came out in March 2023, but they’re allergic to any promotion, having deleted their Facebook page and not bothering to update their website.) This one is a bop that made me play the first record until Husby begged me to play anything else.

Song Lyrics

Lost at sea
Is where you’ll find me
It’s got everything I want
But nothing that I need

Does anybody feel
All this talk ain’t real?
Does anybody see
That the truth is in the mystery?
Could it be sweet
Standing on my feet?

I don’t know, but I’m gonna try
Thinkin’ up ways not to wash up in alive
(Could it be sweet?)
Everybody’s tellin’ me it’s not too hard
If you keep swimmin’ it don’t seem far

There’s a place you can go
Where you’ll never be alone
And you’ll always be free
Lost at sea
Could it be sweet
Lost at sea?

I don’t know how they’re gonna find me
Now I’m lost at sea and there’s no way to deny me
(Could it be sweet?)
If I’m ever talkin’ like I don’t care
Look at me and smile, baby
Take me there

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