Magical Readathon 2024

Magical Readathon – Spring Equinox 2024

I’ve been eyeing the Magical Readathon (hosted by G @Book Roast) for a couple of years now, but it always intimidated me. I love the concept, but it requires a bit more reading than I can usually squeeze in. I decided that this year I’ll tackle that fear and will give it a go, starting with the Spring Equinox 2024 event! I’m already taking part in the Choose Your Own Adventure reading challenge that accompanies the readathon, but it’s not part of it. I’m confident I’ll be able to finish that at least.

Right, so, Magical Readathon has two events every year – Spring Equinox in April and Autumn Equinox in August (both are not the best of times for me as they are both busy SPFBO/work months). Earlier this year I made the first few steps required to join the fun (no worries, they are super simple and don’t require any reading if you don’t want to, check out the intro video HERE). Which means I have a character, a guild, and a calling! I also picked the books I’m required to read so I can complete the Spring Equinox 2024.

I’m planning to come back to this post once April ends to take a look at how I did. I don’t think I’ll join the event “officially” – there is a Discord server that is way too big for me, so I’m just doing this to entertain myself. I’ll log my progress in the official channels, tho.

All About the Character

To make my life easier, I decided to use the same character I’m using for my new D&D adventure a friend of mine kindly set up for me. And so, my character is Lunara Shadix, an urban elf. Since this is my first year in the Magical Readathon, she is considered to be a novice. I need to finish both the Spring Equinox 2024 and Autumn Equinox 2024 to level up. I decided to leave myself to fate and took the test to give me a guild, which happens to be the Mind Walkers. Honestly, this was fitting, so I couldn’t be happier. For a calling, I decided to go with what was suggested, which is Dream Walker. I could have gone with something else, but honestly, this appealed to me. And it saved me a lot of headaches while I would have tried to figure out what the fuck I want, lol.

Dream Walker novice

Having a character is not necessary to take part in the Magical Readathon, but it’s more fun this way. The guild and calling matters, because your reading prompts are based on your choices. But it’ll be a bit more clearer in the next section.

Spring Equinox

Since I’m a Dream Walker, in the Spring Equinox I’m required to fulfill the prompts for the following subjects: Alchemy, Art of Illusion, Astronomy, Conjuration, Spells & Incantations, Lore, Psionics & Divination. Each year we get different course focus and reading prompts for these subjects. These books have to be read between April 1st and April 30th. They can be a comic, a novella, or a book, the length doesn’t matter. Only one book/prompt (sadly), though as you level up you can get perks. Being a novice sucks.

Here is the Spring Equinox 2024 Syllabus for the Magical Readathon and what books I picked:

AlchemyCircle on the coverDaughter of the Beast by E C Greaves
Art of IllusionWord ‘game’ or ‘play’ in titleThe Happy Ever After Playlist by Abby Jimenez
AstronomyZodiac RecommendationStrange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor
ConjurationColour WheelA Rival Most Vial by R.K. Ashwick
Spells & IncantationsRandom number generator title lengthThe fourteen carat car by Jenő Rejtő
LoreReread the Legend of DiaLegend of Dia
Psionics & DivinationPrediction BingoThe Hungry Dark

When I made my picks, I tried to focus on books that I already needed to read, like the SPFBO 9 finalists, or books that were on my TBR and I could use them up for my other challenges as well. Work smart, not hard, I say. Let’s have a closer look, shall we?


Daughter of the Beast by E C Greaves

The prompt says ‘circle on the cover’. This beast has some impressive eyes and I say they count as circles, so there we go. Also, there is an ‘o’ in the title 😛 What sealed the deal is that I need to read this book for SPFBO anyway.

“It wasn’t up my alley, but if you are looking for a darker coming-to-age story that’s infused with folklore, then you will enjoy Daughter of the Beast.”


Art of Illusion

The Happy Ever After Playlist by Abby Jimenez

I only had 2 books on my virtual or otherwise shelves that worked. One was the second book in a series, where I hadn’t read the first yet (only the third, but that’s a whole other story), and the other one was The Happy Ever After Playlist, which I already listened to a couple of times, but I figured this would be a quick one, and it fits the prompt as it has ‘play’ in the title. No one said rereads didn’t count 🤷‍♀️



Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor

I honestly thought this would be one of the two prompts that would fuck my plans up. It seemed easy, just go on a Google search for lists where people recommend books based on your zodiac. There are quite a few such lists out there. The trick was to find a list that a) recommended a book I was interested in and b) a book that possibly was on my radar already. The number of lists where I thought almost any other picks would have been up my alley than the one for my zodiac… JFC. I came across a couple of books that sounded interesting, and I almost settled for one when I *finally* found a list with Strange the Dreamer recommended for Aquarius. I don’t even know how many lists I pored over until this one. I have it on my shortened TBR and I also have the audiobook and I think the ebook too, so I literally have no excuses.



A Rival Most Vial by R.K. Ashwick

This was one of the easiest prompts to pick a book for. I found a random color picker, and it gave me this magenta(ish) color that immediately reminded me of A Rival Most Vial, which again, needed to read for SPFBO 9 anyway. Yay! This was a no-brainer for sure.

“I probably could find something to pick on if I tried hard enough, but I’m putting the evil bitch Queen to rest for now and will join Bjørn in begging for books 2, 3 and however many there will be in this series. (…) A Rival Most Vial grabbed my heart, squeezed it and left me wishing for more.”


Spells and Incantations

The Fourteen Carat Car by Jenő Rejtő

OMG, guys. You have no idea how much I struggled with this one. JFC. When the prompts were announced, I got excited and started to work on a plan. I picked a random number, which was 19, and hoped it would be easy. Boy was I wrong. Nothing seemed to fit. I considered cheating and picking a different number, because I either had titles with only 18 letters or titles with slightly more letters. It drove me crazy. Then I decided that I’d pick a book that would fit for one of my other challenges – The Three Musketeers. I wanted to do a reread anyway since I recently saw the new French movie and also because this was a childhood favorite of mine. But it didn’t fit (again, I was ready to cheat). And then, one day my eyes fell on some books on my shelves. Ages-old paperbacks of a famous Hungarian author’s books. I always meant to read more of his stuff, and they fit with my other challenge as well. Plus they are short so easy to fit it. But there was a problem. The title I picked was only 18 letters long and I was ready to say that’s the number I got. When I started working on this post, I Iooked up the English translation, and turned out the English title is 19 letters long, so technically I’m not cheating! Never been more pleased in my life (okay, I was, but this sounds better). I’m also excited to read in Hungarian after a very, very long time.


Psionics & Divination

The Hungry Dark by Jen Williams

Out of the prompts for my study, I think this is the most fun. I considered picking two books, but one I started before I even got to this post, and it didn’t seem fair to create a bingo car when I’m already a few hours into the audiobook. So I picked The Hungry Dark which I need to read anyway, because I have an ARC – even if I’m late with it 😬 I decided on a 4×4 bingo card and here it is:

prediction bingo jpg
prediction bingo completed jpg

The Hungry Dark is a delightfully dark and twisted thriller, about toxicity, really. And how every act has its consequences. That sacrifice is not always the solution we seek. All in all, The Hungry Dark is a novel I can recommend to anyone who loves a bit of heavy reading.”

Right, so that’s me settled for the Magical Readathon Spring Equinox 2024. If you are also taking part, let me know! It’s more fun with other people 🙂


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