5 years in the Asylum

5 Years in the Asylum

To celebrate our 5 years in the Asylum, I’m going to highlight our main milestones, some posts we’ve written over the years, and talk about some of the lessons I’ve learned. It’s very likely will be a long and rambling post, but I’m pretty sure you are used to that by now 😉

Does Disability Define Me?

Does Disability Define Me?

This post was originally labelled as A Week in My Head post, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought it probably should be published on its own accord. Disability is a topic that we should talk about, because it has many forms and each case is as individual as we ourselves are. So, I decided to repost this article and add a few more thoughts.

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Why Did I Stop Reading in Hungarian?

I’m here to talk about how I got into reading in English and why I don’t read in Hungarian anymore. But let’s clear up one thing: Hungarian is a complex, beautiful, pain in the ass language and I love it to pieces. It saddens me that don’t get to use it more often as it’s my mother tongue and there are many things I can express much better in it than English. Sarcasm and humor is one of those things.