Brittany M. Willows interview

Pride Nights at Queen’s: An interview with Brittany M. Willows

Video games, anime, and cat boys. Who doesn’t love them? (If you don’t, get outta here! Obviously just kidding but I don’t trust you. Again, kidding. We all deserve to have bad taste once in a while and I respect you for that). Day three of Pride Nights at Queen’s welcomes Brittany M. Willows, author, illustrator, and thus, overall badass. Read our chat to find more about Bloody Spade, Brittany’s upcoming book, and the inspirations behind it.

Karen Heenan interview

Pride Nights at Queen’s: An Interview with Karen Heenan

Day two of Pride Nights at Queen’s is proud (ba dum tss) to present our first interview. Author of intriguing historical fiction, Karen Heenan visits the Asylum to talk about her Tudor Court series, law and sexuality in the 16th century and related research, and, of course, the mischievous but utterly adorable companions/spawns of hell we humans like to call cats.

Caroline Hardaker interview

Composite Creatures: Interview with Caroline Hardaker

Today it’s my pleasure to take part in the Composite Creatures online tour organized by Angry Robot, in celebration of Caroline Hardaker’s debut Sci-Fi novel. In fact, my interview with Caroline is the closing act of this awesome tour, and if you only just heard about it, I would recommend you go and check all the posts the other participants hosted over the past weeks.

Yaroslav Barsukov interview

Interview with Yaroslav Barsukov

Today, we welcome Yaroslav Barsukov to the Asylum to discuss his latest novella, Tower of Mud and Straw, a story that blends science-fiction, fantasy, and even the atmosphere of the gothic genre.

T. Frohock interview

Interview with T. Frohock

It’s our pleasure to welcome T. Frohock to the Asylum. She is the author of Miserere as well as the Historical Fantasy series, Los Nefilim. Of which the last book, A Song with Teeth will be released on February 9th. We assure you, you don’t want to miss out on this series. But let us chat with the author herself and see if we can persuade you further.

Ginger Smith interview

Interview with Ginger Smith

Ginger Smith has worked as a record store employee, freelance writer, bookstore assistant manager and high school teacher of English. In the past, she has played in many tabletop RPG groups and even run several of her own. She collects vintage toys, sci-fi novels and comic books, as well as mid-century furniture. She currently lives in the southern USA with her husband and two cats, spending her free time writing and watching classic film noir and sci-fi movies.

Mike Shackle interview

Interview with Mike Shackle

Originally from London, Mike Shackle has wandered the world before settling in Vancouver, with his wife and two children. His other constant traveling companions around the globe have been his comic books, his favorite fantasy novels and an army of super-hero statues. He more often than not can be found daydreaming over a cup of tea.