An Unnatural Life by Erin K. Wagner

An Unnatural Life by Erin K Wagner

A plangent and dismal story that resonates in the now, Erin K. Wagner’s latest novella, An Unnatural Life, takes us to the coming probabilities of robot civil rights through an exploration of sentience, free will, and humanity. But more importantly, science fiction novella extrapolates on how we humans react and shun new forms of identity.

6 Sci-Fi Horror Books For Halloween

6 Sci-Fi Horror Books for Halloween

Though I have yet to delve deeper into the genre, I’ve had some pretty amazing reads in my life that bring together the inventiveness of SF with the terrifying experience of Horror. With Halloween still so fresh and Sci-Fi Month just around the corner, time to wrench out some Sci-Fi Horror recs for your consideration.

Phoenix Extravagant by Yoon Ha Lee

Phoenix Extravagant by Yoon Ha Lee

With rich vocabulary, writing as fascinating as skillful brushstrokes, and a slow-burn story filled with longing and chilling moments of divisiveness, Phoenix Extravagant will claim a spot on the shelf of anyone looking for a remarkable read within any genre.

Path of Ruin by Tim Paulson

Path of Ruin by Tim Paulson

Path of Ruin explores answers to those questions, and delivers a clever, entrancing story that garners surprise after surprise until its very end.

Birth of the Dawnhawk

Birth of the Dawnhawk by Z. Apollo & M. J. Northwood

With some focus on intriguing fantasy races, a “superhero-like” magic system, and an ancient dark force creeping close from the shadows, Birth of the Dawnhawk by Z. Apollo and M.J. Northwood is probably what happens when two imaginative minds join together to tell a story.

Cradle of Sea and Soil by Bernie Anés Paz

Cradle of Sea and Soil by Bernie Anés Paz

For anyone skeptic of the boundless heights self-published fantasy can reach, it’s books like Cradle of Sea and Soil that shatter doubts and teach us that all stories are worth taking a chance on.

Stormblood by Jeremy Szal

Stormblood by Jeremy Szal

If you’re in for high-caliber military action, a developed tech world brimming with spacefaring cultures, and a raw portrayal of the fallouts of war and addiction, Stormblood is the book to satisfy all your hungers.

Lords of Asylum

Lords of Asylum by Kevin Wright

This is a book best savored like a good wine, letting it slowly dance across your palate to drop a fiery, welcomed warmth down your throat. A warmth that settles in your core and awakens your thirst for the next glass. Like Krait, you’ll be eager to take that next sip and quickly run to open the next installment of The Serpent Knight Saga.

Written in Narrative - Does a Protagonist's Queer Identity Matter?

Written in Narrative — Does A Protagonist’s Queer Identity Matter?

Excited to bring you my 1st post on the Asylum, and giving an honorable mention to this eventful month of Pride, this post will dive into the memorable worlds of SFF as well as giving voice to more personal thoughts regarding queer identity, literature, and its intersections. Sit back, agree, disagree, and try to ignore the screeching damned-souls in the background. They’re excellent residents but not entirely quiet.