Paul's Top 10 Reads of 2022

Paul’s Top 10 Reads of 2022

Keeping with traditions, we will post our separate top 10 reads of 2022 lists throughout January. Well, it might be top 5 in some cases, but all 4 of us had books we’d like to shout about and that’s what’s important. Last but not least, it’s time for Paul’s favorite reads of 2022!

Bound Feet by Kelsea Yu review

Bound Feet by Kelsea Yu

Paul reviews Bound Feet by Kelsea Yu, a horror novella published by Cemetery Gates Media, book three in their standalone, My Dark Library series.

SPFBO 8 Semi-Finalist Reveal

SPFBO 8 – Semi-Finalist Reveal: Paul

Following in the footsteps of amazing teammates, it’s now Paul’s turn to announce his last round of cuts and offer up his semi-finalist as a sacrifice.