Challenge Check-In May

Challenge Check-In – May 2023

My Challenge Check-In for May 2023 in which I talk about how I did with my reading challenges this month, and offer you 5-5 recs for 2 The Sound of Madness Reading Challenge prompts. Which are Shut Up and Dance, and Keepsake.

Introducing Team Queen's Book Asylum for SPFBO 9

SPFBO 9 – Introducing Team Queen’s Book Asylum!

Guess what, Team Queen’s Book Asylum is back for SPFBO 9! We could have stopped and quit while on top (Small Miracles, our champion won SPFBO 8!), but we enjoy ourselves way too much, and we are not quite done with bringing the pandamonium to your doors. I’m sure some of you despair over this news, but that’s life for you. As some would say: suck it up, buttercup!



Queen’s Book Asylum’s main SPFBO 9 page, where you’ll find a short heads up about the contest, info about our process, the 30 books assigned to us, and how we divided them – including GR and Amazon links -, our progress in the semi-finals and finals, and updates throughout the competition.