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1 Year in the Asylum

RockStarlit BookAsylum celebrates its first anniversary! I tried to summarize this past year in one long blogpost with milestones, memories and a little sneak peek into the future 😉

Sneak Peek

What do we plan for 2019?

January might be almost over, but the year had just started and we have a lot to look forward to. You might have seen countless blog posts about the upcoming releases everyone looks forward to, so I’m not going to bother with that. If you are interested in indie releases though, I can recommend to follow Rob J. Hayes, who has you covered every month!

I’d rather focus on our personal reading/blogging goals, so we know what are we going to fail at miserably 😀

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BristolCon and Other Adventures in the UK

I’ve spent a few days in the UK between October 24th and October 28th. I visited London, and attended BristolCon. These few days were pretty stressful, eventful, exhausting and awesome.

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The Gifts of the Fairy by 9 year old Timy

And once again I’m here to give some something unusual. I’ve been chatting with a friend and I mentioned to him that I was about 9 when I first wrote down a story. It wasn’t my first story ever, but it was the first written down. I was so proud when I finished it, that I went up to my mom and told her I’m going to be a writer. The original story was about the poor man and the fairy. Later when I learned about a competition I decided to use that and write it further. This story is…

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Attention! Asylum Library Clearance!

My blog will be 6 months old in September and I wanted to thank you for being awesome. I teamed up with Benedict Patrick Ulff Lehmann and C.T. Phipps to host a #bookgiveaway! For more info read the post!