Welcome to my SPFBO Finals page!

Find my page of Phase 1 here where you can find guest posts, reviews and interviews!

Let’s get the formalities out of the way first:

What is SPFBO?

The Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off is hosted by none other than Mark Lawrence, author of The Broken Empire, The Red Queen’s War and The Book of Ancestor trilogies. 300 books compete, judged by 10 blogs and at the end of 10 long, bloody months 1 winner will emerge. You can find every detail on Mark’s SPFBO page along with the process of all 10 blogs in Phase 1. Everything you want to know about FBR’s and my progress in Phase 1 you can find it HERE! You can follow the finals on Mark’s page as well.

What do I have to do with SPFBO?

I started phase 1 as advisor for Fantasy Book Review’s judging team, and then got asked to step up and be an actual judge for the finals. Yay! I’m really honored to get this opportunity and I’m really excited to be an even more active participant of the competition.

How are we going to go in the Finals?

Since we at FBR have 4 judges now: Emma Davis, James Tivendale, Adam Weller and myself with similar but at the same time different tastes, we decided that every finalist will get at least 2 ratings from us and we’ll put forward our average rating as FBR’s official points. Not every one of us will read/rate every book thanks to tastes but we felt like we have to still give a fair chance to every book. Between the 4 of us, we’ll be able to give enough attention to the finalists 🙂 As always, you’ll find every relevant link and information on this page and our official ratings as well.

TitleAuthorFBR’s rating*
The Gods of MenBarbara Kloss8.0
Ruthless MagicMegan Crewe6.0
The AnointedKeith Ward6.0
SowingAngie Grigaliunas4.5
OrconomicsJ. Zachary Pike8.5
We Ride The StormDevin Madson8.0
Symphony of the WindSteven McKinnon9.0
Out of NowherePatrick LeClerc5.0
Sworn to the NightCraig Schaefer7.5
Aching GodMike Shel8.0

*I’ll link the reviews appearing on FBR’s official site. For my reviews please look below.

My reviews of the SPFBO 4 finalists

Please note, that these ratings aren’t the final ones. These reviews only contain my personal opinion and rating.

TitleAuthorMy rating
We Ride The StormDevin Madson8.0
Symphony of the WindSteven McKinnon9.0
Sworn to the NightCraig Schaefer8.0
Aching GodMike Shel7.5
Out of NowherePatrick LeClerc6.0

My interviews with the SPFBO 4 finalists

As I did with FBR’s group of thirty, I aim to make an interview with all of the finalists during the competition.

Steven McKinnon interview

Angie Grigaliunas interview

Patrick LeClerc interview

Megan Crewe interview

Barbara Kloss interview

J. Zachary Pike interview

Craig Schaefer interview

Mike Shel interview

Devin Madson interview