SPFBO 6 Finals

Welcome to my SPFBO 6 Finals page!

Before we get to the details of the SPFBO 6 Finals, let’s get the formalities out of the way first:

What is SPFBO

The Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off is hosted by none other than Mark Lawrence, author of The Broken Empire, The Red Queen’s War, The Book of Ancestor and Impossible Times trilogies. 300 books compete, judged by 10 blogs and at the end of 11 long, bloody months 1 winner will emerge. You can find every detail on Mark’s SPFBO page along with the process of all 10 blogs in the Finals.

The Finalists

The titles are linked to Amazon! Final Ratings are linked to the book’s review.

AuthorTitleJenNickPeterTimyFinal Rating
Rachel Emma ShawLast Memoria6.86.566.56.5
Alexander DarwinThe Combat Codes86.58.567
Justin Lee AndersonThe Lost War7.48978
Michael R. FletcherBlack Stone Heart7.5978.58
Matt LarkinDarkness Forged7.2899.58.5
Zack ArgyleVoice of War7.27.59.5X8
Robert H. FlemingThe Fall of Erlon6.565.5X8
Suzannah RowntreeA Wind from the Wilderness776.577
Patrick SamphireShadow of a Dead God7.388.5X8
Shaun Paul StevensNether Light6.56.58.5X7.5
To Be Continued...
Sanctuary of ArrowsThe Blade of the Gods
Part 1 by Rachel Emma ShawPart 1 by Patrick Samphire
Part 2 by Zack ArgylePart 2 by Alexander Darwin
Part 3 by Robert H. FlemingPart 3 by Suzannah Rowntree
Part 4 by Shaun Paul StevensPart 4 by Justin Lee Anderson
Party with the Stars
HostType of PartyLink
Shaun Paul StevensA Noxen shindigJoin the party!
Justin Lee AndersonA piss up in a pubJoin the party!
Suzannah RowntreeA desert feastJoin the party!
Matt LarkinA cookout for a few friendsJoin the party!

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