Introducing Team Queen's Book Asylum SPFBO 8

SPFBO 8 – Introducing Team Queen’s Book Asylum!

I hope you missed us, because the good news is, Team Queen’s Book Asylum is back for SPFBO 8 after taking a well-deserved break! This time I have a whole new team with one fellow returning judge, and a slightly updated process which I’ll explain in this post below. So, come and meet Team Queen’s Asylum and check out what we are sending into the Cover Contest!

Changes in the Asylum

Announcement: Changes in the Asylum!

In the past 1,5 years, the focus mostly fell on books Justine and I promoted via Storytellers On Tour. But since we closed the doors, and I had new challenges ahead of me, I knew we needed changes in the Asylum. And so, we are here to tell you all about those changes!

Monthly Wrap Up January

Monthly Wrap Up: January 2021

Well, you guys can’t say I don’t know how to kick a year off. In the first days of January, I dropped the news of changing the blog’s name to Queen’s Book Asylum. Then went on and launched my own music-themed reading challenge, The Sound of Madness (still not too late to join). It both feels like it’s been a long time ago and yesterday. Weird. Anyway, thankfully we had a lot of other content up on the blog your reading pleasures.

Monthly Wrap Up November

Monthly Wrap Up: November 2020

November came and went and my second month living alone has passed. I spent November on different crafting projects and reading some truly awesome books. And giving the blog a bit of face lifting. What? I can’t stop fiddling with it, go away. But of course, we had some other posts other than reviews as well – cover reveals, an interview, book tours.

What the Hungarian?!

What the Hungarian?! – Arina

Üdv! Did you ever find yourself in a situation where you had no idea what was being said? Well, the brave people taking part in the What the Hungarian?! feature can experience exactly that. 5 qoutes, 5 guesses, 5 answers. Arina’s up for the challenge. How well would you do?

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