Dirty Fred, The Captain by Jenő Rejtő

Dirty Fred, the Captain by Jenő Rejtő

All being said, if you are looking for a few hours of lighthearted fun without needing to think too much, I definitely recommend checking Dirty Fred, the Captain out! A Hungarian classic which I hope will steal your heart as well. Hopefully not literally. You can just never know with these guys.

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Why Did I Stop Reading in Hungarian?

I’m here to talk about how I got into reading in English and why I don’t read in Hungarian anymore. But let’s clear up one thing: Hungarian is a complex, beautiful, pain in the ass language and I love it to pieces. It saddens me that don’t get to use it more often as it’s my mother tongue and there are many things I can express much better in it than English. Sarcasm and humor is one of those things.

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The Gifts of the Fairy by 9 year old Timy

And once again I’m here to give some something unusual. I’ve been chatting with a friend and I mentioned to him that I was about 9 when I first wrote down a story. It wasn’t my first story ever, but it was the first written down. I was so proud when I finished it, that I went up to my mom and told her I’m going to be a writer. The original story was about the poor man and the fairy. Later when I learned about a competition I decided to use that and write it further. This story is…