SPFBO 6 – Introducing Team RockStarlit BookAsylum!

The team is back for another year! As you might know, we had a blast during SPFBO5 so it really wasn’t a question whether we’ll be back or not. There were some lessons learned last year and as much as I’d like to go with the same process, it was way too demanding time and otherwise. In order for us to remain in the competition, changes were needed. I believe these changes will make organisation easier as well as ensure that we’ll get content to you in a very timely fashion. read all about it and my team in this post!


SPFBO 5 – The Conclusion

In this post the team looks back on SPFBO 5 sharing our experiences and we’ll also point out a couple of books we enjoyed and you might have missed in the sea of other great books! At the end of the post, you’ll find Amazon links to each book mentioned in this post. We hope you’ll check them out!

Red and Black by Nancy O'Toole Meservier

Red and Black by Nancy O’Toole Meservier

The characters do have a lot of introspection and awareness of their own faults with good reasons for their choices. At times I thought they were maybe a little too aware of their own shortcomings during these self-examinations but the characters really were wonderfully handled. Even Calypso and other support characters had motives beyond just being bad, for the sake of being villains.


SPFBO 5 – Introducing Team RockStarlit BookAsylum!

We got our 30 books assigned. Yay! Now comes the hard work. I invited 3 awesome bloggers to join me on this journey. Partly because I knew I needed a few people to get the workload off of my shoulders and partly because I know that I have my own preferences and genres I don’t like to read. I wanted to have a team to give equal chance to every book in our lot regardless of genre. We each have our preferences, but I think at the end of the day, we’ll balance each other out and will pick one book that ticks the right boxes for all of us. I don’t expect that it’ll be easy, but hey, that’s half of the fun!