Monthly Wrap Up January

Monthly Wrap Up: January 2021

Well, you guys can’t say I don’t know how to kick a year off. In the first days of January, I dropped the news of changing the blog’s name to Queen’s Book Asylum. Then went on and launched my own music-themed reading challenge, The Sound of Madness (still not too late to join). It both feels like it’s been a long time ago and yesterday. Weird. Anyway, thankfully we had a lot of other content up on the blog your reading pleasures.

The Killer Across the Table

The Killer Across the Table by John E. Douglas and Mark Olshaker

I’ve been interested in True Crime stories for years now. When I want to watch TV but there is nothing on, I always end up with Investigation Discovery as a default. I’ve been watching almost all of the CSI episodes (although I’m aware that investigations don’t quite work like that) and for a while, I was addicted to Criminal Minds. I’ve been wanting to read some True Crime books, but I never really got around to it and I had no idea where to start it. I came across The Killer Across the Table due to luck, little did I know that there is no better person than John E. Douglas to introduce me to the genre.

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