Author Spotlight: Noor Al-Shanti guest post

Guest Post: Writing Around Similar Events from Different POVs by Noor Al-Shanti

It’s my pleasure to welcome Noor Al-Shanti, the author of several self-published fantasy novels. She will talk about writing around similar events from different POVs, in celebration of her upcoming novel, Isaree of the Wild Isles. Which will be released on December 22, 2023. It’s already available for pre-order and you can also request an ARC!

What the Hungarian?!: Noor Al-Shanti

What the Hungarian?! – Noor Al-Shanti

Noor Al-Shanti, a self-published Fantasy author, is here to try his luck with What the Hungarian?! as part of our 5th Anniversary Bonanza. Let’s see how she fared with my beautiful, but also pain in the arse language!

Monthly Wrap Up November

Monthly Wrap Up: November 2020

November came and went and my second month living alone has passed. I spent November on different crafting projects and reading some truly awesome books. And giving the blog a bit of face lifting. What? I can’t stop fiddling with it, go away. But of course, we had some other posts other than reviews as well – cover reveals, an interview, book tours.

Monthly Wrap Up January

Monthly Wrap Up: January 2020

January seemed to be endless to some of you, but personally I had more good days than bad (according to my handy mood tracker). I definitely had some ups and downs but I also focused my attention on some new things I’m excited about.

Tales from the Asylum

SPFBO Edition: Noor Al-Shanti

Tales from the Asylum is a new feature I came up with for SPFBO. I wanted to create a unique opportunity for the authors to show off their story telling skills by taking their characters and putting them in an asylum room to see how they would deal with the situation. A lot can happen in a closed space…

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